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By Matt Mombrea

Google Volley is awesome. If you’re an Android developer and you’ve done AsyncTask and HttpClient stuff (and there is no avoiding it), prepare for a huge relief once you get up and running with Volley. All of the leg work has been handled for you when it comes to managing the threads, dealing with a … Continue reading "Setting up…

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By Jon Nalewajek

Today, Google announced the new Android Studio IDE at its annual Google I/O conference. It looks to be a great improvement over Eclipse, especially when developing apps for different screen sizes such as phones and tablets. However, if you are running Windows 7 or Windows 8, you may have issues running the application. Several users … Continue reading "Android Studio…

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By Matt Mombrea

I’m an Android user. I have a love / hate relationship with the platform. On one hand, I love the ability to have full control over every aspect of my phone and customize it to suite my preferences (see root access). On the other hand, there is serious disparity between the quality of apps written … Continue reading "What Android…

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