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Google “Simplifies” Targeting Controls For Mobile, New Bing Bid Strategies & Much More – Marketing O’Clock Ep. 29

August 3, 2018

By Jennifer Kaite
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August 3rd, 2018

Check your watch because it’s time for Marketing O’Clock with Greg Finn and Jess Budde! Watch this episode to get your weekly dose of the biggest news from the digital marketing industry this week.

This week Google hit paid advertisers with some big news…dun, dun, duuun. We can all agree that when Google uses the word “simplify” it’s usually the opposite – this time was no different. Google has taken away for Display campaigns but before you deeply sigh in frustration they have said advertisers can refine targeting in several ways, check out the article below or watch today’s episode above for more info. In Bing news, they have made some new improvements to their bid strategies and now includes Target CPA and Maximize Conversions. We also have our lightning round where we quickly recap even more updates and feature our “Must Read Marketing Article Of The Week.” There is a lot of updates this week so make sure you tune in and subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay informed, updated and entertained each week.  All articles & resources discussed are in the links below, so feel free to check them out!

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Must Read Marketing Article Of The Week:

What we’ve got lined up for this week’s main Marketing O’Clock news:

Lightning Round:

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Jennifer Kaite

Jennifer Kaite

Jenn is a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Cypress North. She assists with multiple client projects in any way she can. Jenn’s day to day tasks range from data collection to reporting, social media marketing to content creation, and much more. Jenn takes pride in the work she produces, facing new challenges with a positive attitude and determination that produces powerful results.

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