Integrating Hubspot with Data Studio: Real-Time Lead & Deal Progression Dashboards

The Rundown

A client using HubSpot for customer relationship management was looking for an easy way to track lead and deal progression across all inbound and outbound channels. The client wanted to tie deal value directly to leads and understand conversion rates throughout the funnels.


This project required:

  • Determining the best reporting solution that would integrate with HubSpot and provide real-time updates
  • Calculated fields, custom visualizations, and data blending to display data according to the client’s needs

The Solution

We chose to use Google Data Studio along with Supermetrics for Data Studio to integrate with HubSpot. The final deliverable consisted of 12 dashboards, displaying lead and deal progression funnels and conversion rates broken out by channel, region, and sales rep. Filters for lead source, product, region, and reps were also added, giving the client the ability to drill down into more detailed data.



The Outcome

This solution gave the client access to information and insights that they were not able to gather from HubSpot without hours of manual work. With real-time updates and an easily accessible set of dashboards, the client is now empowered to view KPIs and track funnel progression at a moment’s notice.

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