Report Revamp: Making static reports automated and interactive

The Rundown

A client came to us looking for an automated solution that would allow them to view refreshed data regularly, without having to spend hours each week updating the reports in Excel themselves, as they had been doing for years.

The reports consisted of three separate Excel files, with data coming in from ten different Google Analytics accounts, which the client was copying and pasting to create the summary reports.


This project required:

  • Finding an appropriate reporting tool to visualize the data
  • Data automation to regularly refresh the data
  • Data blending from ten Google Analytics sources

The Solution

Google Data Studio was our reporting tool of choice for this project, used in tandem with the Google Analytics add-on for Google Sheets. Using the add-on allowed us to blend the data that exceeded Data Studio’s limits. We were also able to create calculations that constructed custom visualizations, which are not possible out-of-the-box in Data Studio. We also utilized the report scheduling feature in the add-on, so data is pulled from the Google Analytics API daily, and made available in the Data Studio report.


The Outcome

This solution saved hours of manual report updates every month and provided user-friendly, interactive reports that could be shared around the company with a link or PDF export. Our client was thrilled to get this laborious task off his plate and his colleagues appreciated being able to access the information at any time.


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