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Most people now use apps on a daily basis.  A well designed app can make it easy for your company to interact with customers, provide highly-consumable content, and literally be at your consumer’s fingertips everywhere they go.

iPhone, iPad, iOS App Development

os7-style-metro-ui-icon-19If you want to create a native iPhone or iPad application, you’re in the right place. Cypress North is an approved Apple developer and can build iOS apps to meet all of your mobile needs. We’ve been developing native mobile apps for iOS since 2010 and know all of the ins and outs related to getting your app approved and published in the app store. We also know how to build a complete system, including the server components (API, database, etc.) which are required for modern, connected applications.


Android App Development

metroui_os_androidSure, Apple is all the rage, but the creation of an app exclusively on the iPhone platform just might not be enough. While the Android mobile platform was released about a year after the first iPhone was unveiled, the Google platform has actually surpassed the iPhone in number of users. Android users claim a whopping 52.7% of the market … and the number keeps on growing. So, if you’re considering building a mobile app and you don’t include an Android app in the plan, you may be missing out on the largest segment of smartphone users.

Cypress North is an Android approved developer. Our team has extensive experience in creating apps that sync with web databases, contain custom notifications, utilize APIs, and run off of complex personalization features. Some of our developers even teach a college course in Android Development.  In addition to Android app development, we have experience pushing apps through the various markets and app stores that Android has to offer.

Our team has extensive experience in creating apps that sync with web databases, contain push notifications, utilize APIs, and run off of complex customizable features.

If you’re looking to expand your brand’s reach and enhance the experience internally for your company, or externally for customers, you’ve come to the right place. Cypress North is an approved Apple and Android developer and can build apps to meet all of your mobile needs.

Why Native?

  • 1
    The best possible user experience
  • 2
    Real apps in the app stores (not shortcuts)
  • 3
    Take full advantage of each platform
  • 4
    Faster app response
  • 5
    Full access to device hardware
  • 6
    The quality today's users expect

What's Usually Involved?

  • 1
    Application Workflow
  • 2
    User Interface Wire frames
  • 3
    Mobile UI/UX Design
  • 4
    Native mobile programming
  • 5
    Beta and Pilot testing
  • 6
    Web API Development
  • 7
    Web Database and Business logic
  • 8
    App store submission and approval
  • 9
    Marketing website / campaign
  • 10
    App Launch

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