Responsive Websites

A great experience on any device

The shift to mobile means that the number of devices, browsers, and platforms that your site must work in continues to expand.

It’s no longer enough to just have a website.

Not long ago, it used to be that you needed a website to keep up with your industry and a responsive design was nice to have. Now you need a mobile website. In fact, Google is changing the way it ranks websites based on whether or not your site is mobile friendly. A mobile site will become the primary means of site ranking in the near future. Not having one will put you at an instant disadvantage.

All Responsive Web Design (RWD) is not equal.

There is a big difference a responsive website and proper responsive web design. In any old responsive website, say a theme based site, the content simply stacks on top of itself to fit into a vertical layout, aka your phone screen. It doesn’t know or care about the content being presented, it just stacks.

True responsive web design is built from the ground up specifically for your site’s content, features, and requirements. Things don’t just stack, they react intelligently. Entire elements are eliminated or introduced. Functionality changes to emphasize touch gestures and much more. This site is a great example of true responsive web design.

A team you can trust.

The various types of mobile and tablet devices, browser versions, and platforms available to users today make it important that you work with a development team that has the experience necessary to anticipate current and future needs. Cypress North is that team.

Characteristics of Good Responsive Design

  • 1
    Touch friendly navigation
  • 2
    Distinct layout for Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile
  • 3
    Flexible grids
  • 4
    Retina Images
  • 5
    Sidebar repositioning
  • 6
    Different types of behaviors based on device (gesture support)
  • 7
    Content priority on mobile
  • 8
    Reduced page size for mobile

Examples of Good Responsive Design

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