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There is a big difference between a “Web Developer” and a Software Engineer. At Cypress North we have the top talent available in-house. None of our development is ever outsourced and we’re proud to be Buffalo’s only true Software Engineering firm. With a proven track record from companies including Rich Products, Alfa Laval, The Jacobs Institute, The EPA, Salesforce, and more – you can rest easy knowing professionals are in control of your project.

Improve ease of use within your business with the addition of a web based application.  All of your company’s resources can be housed in one place with the highest level of encryption ensuring the safety and security of your information.  Allow your web app to be efficiently accessed from any computer or device at any time.  Our experts at Cypress North have created web based applications spanning from invoicing systems to HIPAA compliant medical systems.

This is our primary area of development expertise. If you have a need, there is no doubt that we can fill it.

Characteristics of Web Applications

  • 1
    Works directly in browsers
  • 2
    No additional software installation
  • 3
    Secure, high levels of encryption
  • 4
    Can be reached from any authorized device

Components of Web Applications

  • 1
    Database Architecture
  • 2
    API Development
  • 3
    Server-side business logic
  • 4
    Client-side web application
  • 5
    Native mobile and Mobile responsive access
  • 6
    Integration with other company systems

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