Carver Pump

Big Industry Meets Modern UI/UX

A world leader in Pump manufacturing

Caring about quality doesn’t end with your product. 80 years of experience has taught Carver Pump that customer experience extends to all mediums, especially digital. Cypress North crafted a custom mobile experience, a modern desktop experience, and a full identity system to modernize this historic company.

Pump finder application
Interactive Blueprints
Built for Mobile

How We Solved It

All Custom Everything

Oh the glamorous world of centrifugal pump manufacturing. These machines are everywhere performing vital functions you’ve probably never thought about. And you almost certainly wouldn’t expect a pump manufacturer to invest in a world class digital experience and branding / identity. After all, these are the folks in mechanical suits and welding masks covered in grease right? But when you’re as fanatical about quality as Carver Pump, customer service extends beyond the machines themselves and into the way people find the information they need to make an informed decision.

For 80 years and counting, Carver Pump has been producing their 100% American made centrifugal pumps in Muscatine, Iowa. In 2017 they partnered with Cypress North to not only refresh their logo, branding, and identity but also to create a new, industry leading website optimized for their search marketing efforts. The new site is a completely custom build, from the desktop and mobile design to the unique components and data relationships that make up the UI/UX. Carver Pump now has a digital presentation that matches their real world reputation as a leader in centrifugal pump manufacturing.

Distinct Features

  • 1
    Custom logo and branding
  • 2
    Custom website / mobile design
  • 3
    Pump Product Engine
  • 4
    Story / Case Study Engine
  • 5
    Interactive Distributor Maps
  • 6
    Resources & Manuals Library
  • 7
    Pump Application and Use Case system
  • 8
    Data relation engine to display relevant product
  • 9
    Interactive pump blueprints
  • 10
    Custom WordPress theme development
  • 11
    Organic Marketing and SEO Baseline

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