Plaintiff Support Services


The Need for Leads

Our relationship with Plaintiff Support Services began when they expressed interest in utilizing a paid search campaign to increase leads via online contact form submissions and phone calls. After an initial meeting with their in-house marketing team, we dove deep into researching the terms that will convert, setting up proper tracking, and structuring the account in accordance with best practices.

Overall traffic growth
Steadily increasing ad visibility
Declining cost per conversion

How We Solved It

Advanced Paid Search Strategies

Plaintiff Support was eager to increase their base of quality leads and we were eager to help. We began by making sure that all components were in place to run and track a successful paid search campaign — landing page creation, online conversion tracking setup, and phone call tracking setup. After a few months of testing different paid search strategies, we honed in on what was working best to create a paid search campaign that generated quality traffic and consistent leads at record low cost-per-conversions.

Once these integral pieces were put into place, we embarked on a slew of strategies including text ads on Google and Bing, Gmail Sponsored Promotion (GSP) ads, and remarketing. All the networks generated results … but some were outperforming the others. We focused in on the specific tactics with the highest return and shifted all budgets in that direction.

We acted as a natural extension of the Plaintiff Support team throughout the duration of the campaign. Regular team calls allowed us to discuss campaign progress and next steps, along with communication in-between for updates, questions, or concerns on either end. Paid search related or not, we were always prepared to act as an extra set of digital marketing hands for any needs or inquiries that arose.

The results were record breaking in terms of traffic, online leads and calls for an industry that was notorious for high click costs and fierce competition.

Notable Digital Marketing Efforts:

  • 1
    Paid search across multiple networks
  • 2
    Gmail Sponsored Promotion ads
  • 3
    Retargeting ads
  • 4
    In-depth monthly reporting
  • 5
    Phone call tracking from our efforts


  • 1
    New landing page & significantly better conversion rate
  • 2
    155%+ traffic increase
  • 3
    300+ leads generated
  • 4
    600+ phone calls generated

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