Rich’s Foodservice Website


Starting Point

Rich’s Foodservice needed a new website, one that provided their customers with a more dynamic, fresh and informative way to search and interact with products. The project had stopped and started a few times prior over the years with various vendors, but we hopped in with the perfect solution on how to complete the task with a robust, scalable solution.

A custom icon set of over 26 icons
user experience flourishes on mobile devices
Beautifully Designed Pages

How We Solved It

Completely Customized Site

With over 70 years of raising the bar on developing foodservice solutions, Rich’s Food Corporation needed to revamp their Foodservice website to reflect their commitment to quality and to enhance their customer’s experience. After the venture with their first vendor did not work out, they reached out to Cypress North to complete the project. Previous ventures on this project didn’t address the core needs, we were able to brainstorm a sound plan that touched on all necessities of Design, Development, and Marketing.

We had one goal in mind when building the new site- to make a captivating, beautifully done, user-focused website that would help the customer find the product they need quickly and efficiently.

In addition, we created a better filtering system making it simple to find products, with the bonus of being able to discover new recipes via products and vice versa. The product pages were revamped in a streamlined fashion so customers could quickly gather the required nutritional/shipping/allergy/quantity data that they needed.

The usefulness of the site was paramount to us, regardless of the device that a visitor used. We created different (but similar) designs to ensure that the user experience flourished on mobile devices.

Another hurdle that we overcame was the successful transition of 1000’s of pages without a drop in traffic – in fact immediately post-launch, we saw an increase in unbranded, scalable traffic. A sound search strategy was also put in place to make sure that Rich’s Foodservice would be found across a multitude of organic search queries.

The result is a completely unique and customized site, that leverages an elegant design to help customers quickly get the answers and information they need – wherever they may be. The data is pulled directly from a variety of back end systems via custom built APIs to eliminate duplicate entry and reduce errors.

Check out

Design & Development

  • 1
    Product Catalog pulled from backend systems
  • 2
    Custom API Integration
  • 3
    In-Depth, unified search
  • 4
    Product Details loaded in real-time via API
  • 5
    Mobile First Design
  • 6
    Recipe Repository loaded directly from APIs
  • 7
    Category & Sub-Category Optimization to Build Ranks On Scalable Terms
  • 8
    Custom Icon Set
  • 9
    Email auto-generated PDF's directly from site
  • 10
    Configurable page modules
  • 11
    Embedded video features and carousels


  • 1
    Redirection of 1000's of URLs, with no loss of traffic
  • 2
    Full Site Tracking
  • 3
    Custom Analytics Reporting
  • 4
    Organic Search Foundation
  • 5
    Copy writing and editing
  • 6
    Goal and Event tracking
  • 7
    Keyword Research and Sitemap recommendation

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