Salesforce Infographic

A complex topic made simple

Sold? How To Handle Online Leads

We were faced with the problem of simplifying the complex differences between online & offline leads.

Detailed elements & visual comparisons
Research, layout & proper presentation
Custom animations & handcrafted graphics

How We Solved It

As attention spans dwindle to all-time lows, many companies have gravitated towards visual presentations. Infographics give an audience the information that they crave in a slick image. This makes for less reading, easier comprehension more visually appealing content. Oh, and an added benefit is that infographics are highly shareable for social media. One of these companies investing in graphical content is Salesforce.

Salesforce was looking to add value to customers with relevant (and beautiful) content. We pitched the idea for breaking down online vs. offline leads and how to properly address each type of contact. We researched, drafted and designed an infographic that informs/educates/inspires salespeople … while hopefully lining their pockets with cash.

The graphic was a major success and came with the additional byproduct of earning search engine rankings. The content was a regular top five position performer for terms like “online leads“, “online lead conversion” and “convert online leads“. The post also featured hundreds of shares and tens of thousands of views.

The best part? Well, Salesforce now knows how to convert all the new online leads generated from the graphic.

See the full graphic on Salesforce.

What We Did

  • 1
    Original artwork, design, and conception
  • 2
    Social media promotion and outreach
  • 3
    Content/Topic research

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