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Marketing O’Clock: Update On Google’s Ad Blocking, New: AMP Stories & More – Episode 005

February 16, 2018

By Jennifer Kaite
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Happy Friday…? More like Happy Marketing O’Clock Day! On Today’s episode, Greg Finn and Jess Budde get “AMPed” about this week’s digital marketing news! We have updates from Snap to AMP and everything in between. All articles & resources discussed are in the links below, so feel free to check them out!

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What we’ve got lined up for this weeks Marketing O’Clock:

  • Snap Offers Free Credits To Brands Running Vertical Video
    • If you are running vertical ads you can be eligible to receive hundreds of dollars in credits! You have to go through some steps to sign up for this but it’s a good idea to go check it out!
  • Chrome Marks  HTTP Sites “Not Secure”
    • Google is furthering its push for encryption! Come July, you will be getting a warning that your site is not secure.
  • Google’s Chrome Ad Blocking Arrives
    • Dun, dun, duuuun. The day has finally arrived. If a user deems your ad to be too much, Google will not only block that particular ad but any others from your site! There are some do’s & don’ts to follow to avoid getting your ad-blocked.
  • New AMP Stories & Email
    • AMP Stories format creates interactive content for your news stories. It is currently in BETA and there is a tutorial you can check out to play around with the new update.
    • AMP Email format allows real-time content to be pulled into your email and update as people comment, etc.


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Jennifer Kaite

Jennifer Kaite

Jenn is a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Cypress North. She assists with multiple client projects in any way she can. Jenn’s day to day tasks range from data collection to reporting, social media marketing to content creation, and much more. Jenn takes pride in the work she produces, facing new challenges with a positive attitude and determination that produces powerful results.

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