Jasminstar (AKA Jasmin) Lysaith

Digital Marketing Associate

Jasminstar is a Digital Marketing Associate who joined our Cypress North Rochester office in March 2023.

Since joining us, Jasminstar has become Google Ads certified in search, display, shopping, and video ads. Some of their daily responsibilities include campaign maintenance, building out blog posts, and working on site plans and audits, all while bringing joy and laughter to the Roc office and team Slack channel. Jasminstar also works with the data analytics team and has been learning how to pull and visualize data as a way to bridge the gap between the data and digital marketing teams.

Jasminstar grew up in New York City and earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from Columbia University before moving to Rochester. Before joining Cypress North, they were a Digital Marketing Intern at Colgate-Palmolive.

Outside of work, Jasminstar enjoys going to art exhibits to support friends and, in the same breath, buying art and making glass cups out of old bottles. They also like going for walks around the neighborhood, and hiking when possible. Jasminstar loves their nephew, playing Sudoku, reading, and making natural juices.

Jasminstar speaks a little German and used to live in Jamaica, where most of their family still resides. While living in NYC, Jasminstar used to bartend, and once met Rihanna in a shoe store.

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Written by Jasmin

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