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Whether you’re looking for someone to design, develop, or market your new website – you’ve come to the right place. Cypress North can create and build you a new site from start to finish, ensure it’s optimized, and set up tracking. Or we can handle specific parts of the process you need assistance with!

Recent Website Builds


Your new website starts with our creative department. Our designers will get to know the ins and outs of your organization so we can create a site that reflects your brand and speaks to your target audience. We’ll go through an in-depth discovery process to ensure alignment within your team, then create a positioning document that will help us build a sitemap and wireframes. Once you approve, we get to the exciting part of the process: bringing all the upfront work together and building out visuals of what your new site will look like. 



Once you’re happy with the design of your site, our tech team will bring it to life. Our knowledgeable developers will serve as partners to you and your team, providing honest advice and opinions based on first-hand experience and years of expertise. We’ll consider the long-term maintainability and technical debt, and advise you on how best to keep things manageable down the road. Every site we develop is built using industry-standard, open-source software that makes it easily transferable to you. You own your end product with no vendor lock-in.



Before you launch your new website, you should ensure you have a sound structure and pages that are optimized for search engines. Our marketing team can help you develop a site plan, identify keywords you want to target, and implement SEO best practices to set you up for organic success and growth.



Having the proper tracking and analytics set up is necessary for gaining insights into your new site's performance. Our data analysts can work with you before your site launches to make sure all KPIs are being tracked, and even set up dashboards for analyzing post-launch performance.


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Your Website Expert

CTO / Partner

Matthew Mombrea

Matt is our Chief Technology Officer and one of the founders of our agency. He started Cypress North in 2010 with Greg Finn, and now leads our Buffalo office. As the head of our development team, Matt oversees all of our technical strategy and software and systems design efforts.

With more than 19 years of software engineering experience, Matt has the knowledge and expertise to help our clients find solutions that will solve their problems and help them reach their goals. He is dedicated to doing things the right way and finding the right custom solution for each client, all while accounting for long-term maintainability and technical debt.

Matt is a Buffalo native and graduated from St. Bonaventure University, where he studied computer science.

When he’s not at work, Matt enjoys spending time with his kids and his dog. He also likes to golf, snowboard, and roast coffee.