Jordan Siefer

Creative Director

Jordan + CN

Established 2018

Jordan is our Creative Director. She joined Cypress North in March 2018 and works out of our Buffalo office. 

Jordan brings more than 13 years of experience to our agency and uses that expertise to lead our creative department. She works closely with clients, guiding them through processes to help define their brand and audience so the work we create accurately represents them and meets the needs of their target audience. Jordan also works internally with other departments to find collaborative solutions for clients. She oversees all graphic design, branding, strategy, and artistic efforts for clients and our agency.

Originally from Ohio, Jordan graduated from Alfred University’s School of Art and Design. After school, she moved to Buffalo full-time.

When she’s not at the office creating art for work, Jordan can be found drawing, painting, and enjoying all things art in her personal time as well. In addition to art, she likes sports and being outside. A born Buckeye fan, Jordan makes being from Ohio one of her personality traits. She also loves wearing overalls and drinking tea.

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  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Art Direction
  • Branding & Strategy
  • Graphic Design
  • Video & Photo

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It needs to work as good as it looks.

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“Graphic Design is visual problem solving. You have to wear multiple hats to see all possible perspectives. One design can look beautiful while another works great, the magic happens when it works beautifully.”

Jordan Siefer

Creative Director, Cypress North

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