Christine (AKA Shep) Zirnheld

Senior Digital Marketing Manager / Podcast Host

Christine + CN

Established 2018

Christine is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager who joined Cypress North in July 2018 and works in our Buffalo office. Known affectionately among coworkers (and podcast listeners) as Shep, Christine brings seven years of experience to our digital marketing team. She spends most of her time trying to help her clients uncover new leads through the art of paid search and is also a co-host of our weekly Marketing O’Clock podcast

Originally from Ashburn, Virginia, Christine graduated from Canisius University with a bachelor's degree in marketing. She also has an associate's degree in fashion business management from the Fashion Institute of Technology. 

Christine is known for her PPC expertise and was recognized by PPC Hero in 2021 as one of their Rising Stars in PPC. In addition to being published in Search Engine Journal and Search Engine Land, she authored an ultimate playbook for Google Ads. Christine was also featured as a speaker at SMX Next - a search marketing training program - in 2022. 

When she’s not working, Christine can be found singing karaoke or watching Miss Rachel with her toddler, watching Bravo, dining al fresco, and drinking Diet Coke. She’s known for making her Taylor Swift fandom her personality, talking about the royal family to any of her coworkers who will listen, and reading books about wives who kill their husbands. Christine was the 2002 Hula Hoop Champion at Ashburn Elementary School – and may still be undefeated.

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Paid Search Marketing

How to Opt Out of Auto-Applied Recommendations in Google Ads

Learn more about what auto-applied recommendations are in Google Ads and how to opt out of them in your account.

google ads automated extensions
Paid Search Marketing

How to Opt-Out of All Automated Google Ads Extensions

What you need to know about automated extension changes and how to turn them off.  Automated extensions are one of the sneakiest forms of automation pushed on Google Ads advertisers,  and they are soon going to be pushed even more. […]

Paid Search Marketing

Making the Case for Broad Match

Hear me out, I tested broad match keywords in Google Ads, and they’re actually converting. I know, I know, I’m the biggest hypocrite in history. If you’ve read my book or ever listened to me rant on Marketing O’Clock, you […]

Guide by: Christine Zirnheld

Google Ads Search Keywords: Match Types + Best Practices

In this guide we’ll dive deep into all the keyword match types (close variants and all), adding keywords to your ad groups, and keyword management techniques. Plus, we’ll make you an expert on the complex ad auction and explain how Google prioritizes similar keywords in the same account. 

Guide by: Christine Zirnheld

Selecting the Right Bid Strategy for Your Google Ads Campaign

This is the ultimate bid strategy guide for performance-driven marketers. We’ll go through every option available to advertisers and dive deep into the pros and cons of every strategy, when to use them, how to measure success with different strategies, and how to optimize settings based on your bid strategy.

Guide by: Christine Zirnheld

Google Ads Account, Campaign, & Ad Group Settings: Optimization Guide

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover every account, campaign, and ad group setting in Google Ads, including the settings Google doesn’t want you to know about! We’ll tell you best practices for settings and weigh the pros and cons of all the options available to advertisers. From location targeting options to network settings and content exclusions, you’ll be empowered to optimize all of your Google Ads settings to improve performance.

Guide by: Christine Zirnheld

Are You (Accurately) Tracking The Right Conversions? A Google Ads Conversion Breakdown

Conversions are the bread and butter of Google Ads. If you’re not tracking them, you don’t have a chance of knowing how your campaigns are performing and how valuable they are to your business. Learn the different types of conversions available to track, how to track them on your website, and how to use conversion reporting to optimize campaigns.

Guide by: Christine Zirnheld

Advanced Targeting In Google Ads: Audiences + Contextual Targeting Guide

Follow along as we dive deep into advanced targeting methods in Google Ads. Learn about the difference between targeting and observing audiences along with how to find new customers with contextual or audience-based targeting.

Guide by: Christine Zirnheld

Google Ads Account Structure: Infographic + Account Structure Considerations

Learn about the hierarchy of a Google Ads account and what you should consider when breaking out campaigns and ad groups. We also have a handy infographic that shows all the settings and features that can be used at the account, campaign, ad group, keyword, and ad levels.

Paid Search Marketing

How to target Google Ads search campaigns to specific audiences [Guide & Full List]

In 2019 (to the delight of the digital marketing community) Google announced that marketers would now be able to apply four different audience formats to their search campaigns at the ad group or campaign level: in-market audiences affinity audiences seasonal […]

B2B Marketing

Best Digital Marketing Podcasts

Whether you're focused on SEO, PPC, social media, content, or affiliate marketing, podcasts are a great way to stay competitive in the dynamic digital marketing landscape. Finding a reliable program to consume from your car, desk, or treadmill allows you […]

Paid Search Marketing

A Simple & Customizable Google Ads Script To Prevent Your Account from Overspending

Google Ads does not make budget management an easy task. As we all know (and roll our eyes at), Google allows campaigns to spend up to 2X their daily “budget”. This creates a need for advertisers to frequently check on […]

device targeting
Conversion Optimization

Device Targeting With Target CPA Bidding In Google Ads

All device targeting is not created equal. If your Google Ads campaign uses target CPA bidding and you're prioritizing conversions from a certain device, we're willing to bet you're doing it wrong. We rarely see this stipulation highlighted when we research […]

responsive ads
Display Advertising & Retargeting

Digital Marketing in 2019: What to Watch For

The Pros Rampant Responsive One of the biggest boons for advertisers in 2018 was the ability to optimize campaigns by moving away from standard banner sizes and utilizing responsive display ad formats. The proliferation of flexible ads such as Facebook […]

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