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By Kathleen Hagelberger
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Learn more about Microsoft Clarity, and our favorite features from Cypress North’s power users After setting up 24 Microsoft Clarity accounts and counting for various clients, there are some things we’ve come to love about the platform, and frustrations we’ve had to work around. In this post, we break down the pros and cons of … Continue reading "Microsoft Clarity…

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By Jessica Budde
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Not all site visitors are created equal. Some folks might come to your site because their mother sent them a link to something “interesting” (eye-roll Mom, I’m so not into that), while others might be doing some initial research on products like yours. Others still might be on the hunt for exactly what you sell, … Continue reading "Taking Ad-vantage…

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By Christine Zirnheld
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All device targeting is not created equal. If your Google Ads campaign uses target CPA bidding and you’re prioritizing conversions from a certain device, we’re willing to bet you’re doing it wrong. We rarely see this stipulation highlighted when we research target CPA bidding, but the consequences of overlooking it could greatly impact a campaign’s cost-per-acquisition … Continue reading "Device Targeting…

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