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Time Flies & Terrible Lies: July Content Marketing Ideas…NOT

July 1, 2015

By Jessica Budde
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Sooooo, remember last month when I said:

Come back again next month for some July-inspired content marketing ideas you can really sink your teeth into… you know, as if you were a T-Rex or something.

Well, it appears that I lied to you. For that I am sorry. July is upon us (man, that happened fast) and I have failed to compile a list of holidays, sporting excitement, and pop culture events happening this month. That’s the bad news. The good news is, you have the internet! Which means all of this information is at your finger tips, and you can even use last year’s post to get you started. Just take a gander at that list and if something strikes you, use the Google machine to see when that special event falls this year. I know it’s my job to make it easier for you, but in the spirit of our great nation’s independence, I implore you for forgiveness.

Does this gif help?

I might let you down, but our social media accounts won’t:

TwitterInstagram, FacebookCircle.

Jessica Budde

Jessica Budde

Jess is our Vice President of Marketing Operations and Client Service, and the co-host of our weekly Marketing O’Clock podcast. She works closely with both our clients and our internal team, overseeing account staffing to ensure client satisfaction. Jess co-manages our agency’s digital marketing department, works to facilitate cross-departmental collaboration internally, and acts as an account lead for a few of our clients.

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