Bailey Gribben

Digital Marketing Strategist

Bailey is a Digital Marketing Strategist who joined Cypress North in December 2023 and works out of our Rochester office. He brings five years of experience to our digital marketing team.

Before joining Cypress North, Bailey worked as a Creative Strategist for the performance marketing teams at personal care company Dr. Squatch and content creation agency First Media. In those roles, he worked with production and editing teams to strategize, write, and produce more than 250 ads that reached a total of more than 500 million people.

Bailey is from Rochester and graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology. When he’s not at the office working on internal and client campaigns, Bailey enjoys exploring new restaurants and catching live performances of local bands at some of the city’s smaller venues. He has synesthesia, meaning he can “see” sounds, and has been recognized as a “super taster” who has more tastebuds than normal, making his hobbies involving food and music even more fun.

Some of Bailey’s other interests include audio engineering and production. A band that he recorded and produced an EP with was named Rolling Stone magazine’s top band to watch two weeks after the release. He also enjoys exploring, learning, and getting certified in new things. So far, he’s been ordained, received his boating license, and earned a Level 2 in wine studies from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust.

Bailey has been a long-time advocate and supporter of the Children’s Tumor Foundation. He started fundraising for them when he was in 5th grade and hopes to make a positive impact on their mission of finding a cure for NF.

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