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Candy, Cabins & Color TV: June-ified Content Marketing Ideas

May 29, 2015

By Jessica Budde
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Ermagerd! June is almost upon us. Is your editorial calendar up to snuff? If you waited until the last minute to plan out your content marketing for the month, you’re in luck! We’re here with our helpful post, just in time. Enjoy ūüôā


  • June¬†1:¬†Thank God It’s Monday Day, Go Barefoot Day, Say Something Nice Day
  • June¬†2:¬†Rocky Road Day,¬†Leave The Office Early Day
  • June¬†3:¬†Repeat Day, Running Day, Chimborazo Day
  • June¬†4:¬†Tailors Day,¬†Frozen Yogurt Day, Old Maid’s Day,¬†Hug Your Cat Day
  • June¬†5:¬†Doughnut Day,¬†World Environment Day, Hot Air Balloon Day
  • June¬†6:¬†Yo-Yo Day,¬†Drawing Day, Russian Language Day,¬†Drive-In-Movie Day,¬†Gardening Exercise Day
  • June¬†7:¬†Cancer Survivors Day,¬†Chocolate Ice Cream Day,¬†VCR Day¬†
  • June¬†8:¬†Oceans Day,¬†Best Friends Day,¬†Upsy Daisy Day
  • June¬†9:¬†Donald Duck Day
  • June¬†10: Ball Point Pen Day,¬†Iced Tea Day
  • June¬†11:¬†Jerky Day
  • June¬†12: Red Rose Day, Loving Day, Superman Day, Peanut Butter Cookie Day
  • June¬†13:¬†World Doll Day, Gin Day,¬†Sewing Machine Day
  • June¬†14:¬†Flag Day, Bourbon Day, Blood Donor Day
  • June¬†15: Magna Carta Day,¬†Smile Power Day,¬†Nature Photography Day
  • June 16: Cherry Tart Day,¬†Fudge Day, Fresh Veggies Day
  • June¬†17:¬†Ramadan begins,¬†Apple Strudel Day,¬†Eat Your Vegetables Day
  • June¬†18:¬†Dump The Pump Day,¬†Go Fishing Day, Splurge Day,¬†Sushi Day, Picnic Day, Panic Day
  • June¬†19:¬†Flip-Flop Day,¬†Sickle Cell Awareness Day,¬†Sauntering Day, Garfield The Cat Day, Juneteenth, Martini Day
  • June¬†20: World Productivity Day,¬†Juggling Day,¬†American Eagle Day,¬†Ice Cream Soda Day
  • June¬†21:¬†Father’s Day, Make Music Day, Go Skateboarding Day, Daylight Appreciation Day, Humanist Day
  • June 22:¬†Chocolate Eclair Day,¬†Onion Rings Day
  • June¬†23:¬†Let It Go Day,¬†Columnists Day, Public Service Day,¬†Pink Day
  • June¬†24:¬†Swim A Lap Day,¬†Pralines Day, Fairy Day
  • June¬†25:¬†Beatles Day,¬†Catfish Day, Strawberry Parfait Day, Color TV Day
  • June¬†26:¬†Beautician’s Day,¬†Chocolate Pudding Day,¬†Canoe Day, Take Your Dog To Work Day
  • June¬†27:¬†Sunglasses Day,¬†Industrial Workers Of The World Day
  • June¬†28:¬†Body Piercing Day, Log Cabin Day, Tapioca Day, Insurance Awareness Day
  • June¬†29:¬†Almond Buttercrunch Day,¬†Mud Day,¬†Please Take My Children To Work Day,¬†Waffle Iron Day, Camera Day
  • June¬†30:¬†Social Media Day,¬†Meteor Watch Day


  • Summer is FINALLY/ACTUALLY/REALLY upon us: the first official day of¬†Summer brightens spirits on¬†June 21st
  • June is the official month of:¬†dairy, iced tea, candy, country cooking, soul food, cat adoption (go visit your local shelter, now!), turkey lovers, lane courtesy, Caribbean-American heritage, celibacy awareness, audio book appreciation, effective communication, potty training, camping, reading in the bathroom, riding bikes naked, migraine awareness, fruits and vegetables, appreciating African-American ¬†music, dairy alternatives (yes, same month as dairy), vision research, pet preparedness, student safety, professional wellness, zoos and aquariums, infertility awareness, smiling, steakhouses, and the great outdoors
  • The first week of June celebrates:¬†National Sun Safety Week,¬†Clothesline Week, Great American Brass Band Week
  • Week two is:¬†Bed Bug Awareness Week, Nursing Assistants Week, National Body Piercing Week, Pet Appreciation Week, Automotive Service Professionals Week, National Headache Awareness Week, Business Etiquette Week, Rip Current Awareness Week
  • The third week of June¬†happens to be:¬†National Hermit Week, Duct Tape Days, Animal Rights Awareness Week, Fathers’ Week, Knit & Crotchet in Public Week, Men’s Health Week
  • Week four is dedicated to:¬†National Prevention of Eye Injuries Awareness Week, Fish Are Friends Not Food Week, Meet a Mate Week, Lightning Safety Awareness Week, Carpenter Ant Awareness Week, North American Organic Brewers Days, Mosquito Control Awareness Week


  • June 3:Stanley Cup Finals begin
  • June 4:¬†NBA Finals begin
  • June 15 – 21:¬†USGA US Open
  • June 29 – July 12:¬†Wimbledon

Pop Culture

  • June 2:¬†Pretty Little Liars¬†(ABC Family) season premiere
  • June 5:¬†Entourage¬†(the movie, based on the show) hits theaters
  • June 5:¬†Governors Ball Music Festival (New York, NY) – give it up for the musical stylings of Florence & The Machine, Weird Al, Vance Joy, and many more
  • June 11:¬†Bonaroo (Manchester, TN) – get your groove on with AWOLNATION, Billy Joel, Kendrick Lamar, Ben Folds, and tons of others
  • June 12:¬†The long awaited Jurassic World¬†film¬†premieres
  • June 12:¬†Orange Is The New Black‘s latest season becomes available on Netflix
  • June 19 – 21:¬†Electric Daisy Carnival (Las Vegas, NV) – hang out with your friends Fatboy Slim, Afrojack, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and several (as in a billion) other cool cats

Hey, thanks for coming by! It’s been a blast as always. Come back again next month for some July-inspired content marketing ideas you can really sink your teeth into… you know, as if you were a T-Rex or something. Like in the new Jurassic Park movie coming out this month. Is anyone as excited as I am? Whatever. BYE.


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Jessica Budde

Jessica Budde

Jess is our Vice President of Marketing Operations and Client Service, and the co-host of our weekly Marketing O’Clock podcast. She works closely with both our clients and our internal team, overseeing account staffing to ensure client satisfaction. Jess co-manages our agency’s digital marketing department, works to facilitate cross-departmental collaboration internally, and acts as an account lead for a few of our clients.

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