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In July 2024, Google will delete all the historical data it’s been storing since Google Analytics 4 (GA4) replaced Universal Analytics (UA) last summer. If you don’t want to lose your years of hard-earned data and key performance metrics, you need to act now.
Data - All Your Data

How to
save your data

Google recommends either saving pre-configured static views of your reports, or exporting your full data right from the Google Analytics Reporting API. If static reports fit your business requirements, you can follow the steps we list in our How To Save Universal Analytics Data article.

For marketers and data analysts looking for a more complete solution that allows for dynamic historical benchmarking, the best option is exporting directly from the API. If a programming project isn’t in the cards for you right now, we can help!

How To Save Your Data

Our solution

Our data analysts developed a process that extracts all your key UA data right from the Google Analytics Reporting API. Our method ensures you have the most accurate data for future analysis (and saves you the time and worry of working with the Google Reporting API!)

Using our UA extract solution gives you dynamic access to all your historical UA data so you can look back and see what’s worked for you or your clients, and perform year-over-year comparisons of key metrics.

  • Acquisition
  • Engagement
  • Geo & Technology
  • Events & Goals

Extracted By Experts

Our expert data team wrote a complex Python script to extract all your data right from the Google Analytics Reporting API. But we don't stop there. Your data will be analyzed, cleaned, and visualized to ensure we are extracting an accurate view of your Universal Analytics property.

Data - Extracted By Experts V2

All Your Data

Our report provides detailed breakdowns by page, events, goal completions, and more for a better understanding of how users have historically interacted with your site.

Data - All Your Data

Shape Your Future

Historical data is the key to shaping your website's future. Understanding how users both arrive at and interact with your site allows you to tailor future content for a vastly improved user experience.

  • Years of Historical Data
  • Raw data in CSV Format
  • Customizable Pre-Built Dashboard