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Adam Gold

Software Developer

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Adam is a software developer specializing in both front-end and back-end development. Driven by the idea that the web should be intuitive, beautiful, and accessible, he joined the Cypress North team to help make the internet a better place. Prior to coming to work with us, Adam was with The Buffalo News, where he developed the site’s search and video management platform. He graduated from Buffalo State college with a degree in computer information systems. When he’s not working hard for the money, Adam is busy living the dream — fishing, home brewing, and making sure there’s always plenty of gas in his car.

Areas of expertise

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    PHP & MySQL
  • 3
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    WooCommerce & Magento
  • 5
    API Development

Known For

  • 1
    Resume Making
  • 2
    Photoshop laser manipulation
  • 3
    Trout wrangling
  • 4
    Being the tallest man alive
  • 5
    Undying hatred of Nine Inch Nails
  • 6
    Essentially Sitting on the Ground While Working
  • 7
    Contagious Laughter

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