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Brand Identity

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Project Goals

Brewed & Bottled is a craft beer shop and bar that offers an amazing selection of beers, ciders, seltzers, and more. When they moved into a new location, they wanted to update their branding along with their space.


  • Animation
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Strategy & Positioning
  • UI/UX Design
  • Video
  • Web Development

Brewed & Bottled


The goal was to create a modern, simple brand that better represented the Brewed & Bottled location and the services they offer.

Logo System

Part of the project was to create a full logo system for Brewed & Bottled. The system would include different logo types for every potential situation where the brand may need to be presented in different ways.


UI/UX Design

In addition to new branding, Brewed & Bottled needed a new website to reflect their identity, along with the new services they wanted to offer. Visitors can view the beers that are currently on tap, as well as the different cans and bottles that are available for purchase. 

On the new site, we also made it easier for users to learn about the company, find Brewed & Bottled on social media, get directions to the shop, and purchase gift cards and other merchandise.

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After the owners of Brewed & Bottled used some downtime during the pandemic to move locations and start from scratch, they decided they wanted to let customers know what they’d been up to and what to expect from the new brand. 

We shot and edited a new video that incorporated an interview portion to showcase the personalities of the owners, as well as aerial footage to give customers a look at the new location. The video conveyed Brewed & Bottle’s dedication to the community, and their excitement to be back and better than ever.

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When your business is built around people like Brewed & Bottled, custom photography is a must! We spent time at the shop to capture the environment, the new space, the staff, and the customers who were enjoying the product. The updated photos helped with the brand effort on social media, websites, ads, and more.


Print Collateral

From business cards and gift cards to coasters and labels, we designed new print materials to follow the new brand identity we created, offering a more cohesive look and feel to customers.

What They're Saying

“Graphic Design is visual problem solving. You have to wear multiple hats to see all possible perspectives. One design can look beautiful while another works great, the magic happens when it works beautifully.”

Jordan Siefer

Creative Director, Cypress North

“We understand the complicated choice a client has to make, and if they are willing to bring us in, it is our mission to better understand their goals, clearly describe how we can help, and take the optimal route forward.”

Jon Nalewajek

Senior Software Engineer, Cypress North

“Digital strategy is a living, breathing thing. Consistent, open communication and ongoing analysis are essential to refining campaigns and building on success.”

Jessica Budde

Vice President, Marketing Operations & Client Services, Cypress North

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