Reja Sohail

Digital Marketing Associate

Reja + CN

Established 2023

Reja is a Digital Marketing Associate who joined our Cypress North Rochester office in March 2023. She’s an eCommerce specialist who works on various B2C, B2B, and brick-and-mortar campaigns. Reja spends her days working on all things PPC-related, from building campaigns in Google Ads to doing deep dives in Google Analytics to check performance.

Reja was born in Chicago but grew up in Toronto, Canada, and spent time in Oklahoma before moving to Rochester. She brings eight years of professional marketing experience in the retail industry to our team, with a background in fashion and eCommerce.

Outside of work, Reja enjoys spending time with her family, finding new recipes to cook, and binge-watching popular TV shows. She also likes to travel, read, and knit, and loves cats.

In addition to her previous marketing experience, Reja also used to be a makeup artist and a wedding planner.

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