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In July 2024, Google will permanently delete all historical data stored in Universal Analytics (UA) and it will no longer be accessible.

Without historical data, you can’t make informed business decisions!




Google Universal Analytics (UA) was designed to track and analyze website data. It provided valuable insights on user behavior to help measure performance and influence digital marketing strategies

Google stopped using Universal Analytics in 2023 and replaced it with Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

In 2024, all historical data being stored within UA will be gone forever


Once Google deletes your historical data, it’s gone for good. That means you won’t have any of your Universal Analytics data to reference when you’re trying to measure year-over-year performance or make business decisions.


Cypress North can extract all your data from Universal Analytics before it’s deleted, so you can keep it forever!


While Google gives you the option to export your historical UA data, you’re limited in what you get. To get a comprehensive extraction and full access to all your years of data, you need to extract with an API.

That’s where Cypress North comes in.


Jack Novorr

Jack Novorr

Data & Analytics Manager

“Without historical data, you can’t look back to see what’s worked for you, perform year-over-year comparisons, or benchmark growth. That data is important to have because you can use it to influence future decisions.” – Jack Novorr, Data & Analytics Manager

What You Get From Us

6+ separate views of your historical data delivered in CSV Sheets
Pre-built interactive Looker Studio dashboard connected to your historical data
CSV Sheets that can be saved, uploaded to a data lake, and more


We use Python code to extract historical Universal Analytics data through the Google Analytics Reporting API

The data we extract from Google Universal Analytics will be visualized in a custom interactive dashboard. We use Looker Studio, a free, user-friendly platform.

Get detailed session breakdowns by page, events, and goal completion for a better understanding of how users interact with your site. These insights will help you with future optimization.

View sessions by device, browser, and operating system to determine how users are visiting your site. This will help you tailor future content to improve your site’s user experience.

Access detailed breakdowns of user demographics by locations and other behavior metrics to make your targeted and personalized marketing campaigns more effective.

See Our Dashboards in Action

We’ll also export your extracted data to CSV sheets. Your data will be delivered to you in multiple CSVs broken up by different views, or data sets, so you can easily search for the data you need. Each of your CSVs will be linked to the dashboard in Looker for a seamless experience.


Something for everyone

We’re offering three pricing tiers for this service, based on how much data needs to be extracted from Universal Analytics.
Each offering includes a CSV file of all historical data and a pre-built interactive Looker Studio dashboard.



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