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JQuery Tools – Scrollable Carousel plugin not working in IE under wordpress?

August 7, 2011

By Matt Mombrea
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When launching the latest version of (AKA this site) we came across a very frustrating issue that took us a lot of time to solve. On the homepage we have a carousel of our offerings using jQuery and the excellent jQuery Tools library. It came to our attention that the scrollable element was failing with a javascript error in IE 7 and IE 8 and that someone using one of these browsers would only be shown the last slide without the ability to change them.

The particular javascript error had to do with the .slice() method in the jQuery library, but this is very misleading. We poured over our scripts for hours trying to identify the issue, ripping out libraries and scripts in vain.

The culprit, it turns out, was a wordpress plugin we use to highlight code syntax for our blog posts called Syntax Highlighter ComPress. Deactivating this plugin solved our problem immediately. We did not investigate further into the actual cause of the conflict, but we wanted to put it out there in case anyone else finds themselves in the same boat.

If you have this admittedly rare issue, you no doubt still want syntax highlighting. We found that by installing WP SyntaxHighlighter (which uses the same engine) all of our posts were properly highlighted without the need to re-do anything and our carousel was back in action for Internet Explorer.

Matt Mombrea

Matt Mombrea

Matt is a longtime entrepreneur and software engineer. He also sits on the board of Computer Science at SUNY Fredonia. Born and raised in Buffalo, Matt is passionate about building and maintaining great businesses in Buffalo. Apart from leading Cypress North, Matt architects our company’s datacenter, engineers dozens of custom applications, and directs the rest of the development team.

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