Environmental Protection Agency

Mobile App Design & Development

Mobile App Design & Development

Pioneering a process for the entire U.S. with the Vacant lot App As a joint project of the US EPA and Buffalo Sewer Authority, Cypress North worked together with the University of Buffalo to develop a technical solution for vacant lot assessment. Cypress North worked with the client to build a wizard style application for use on cellular data networks and Android tablets/phones to collect information in the field.

Project Highlights

Software Development

  • Complete a site assessment survey with conditional questions
  • Search for and view vacant lots based on address, SBL, or GPS proximity
  • View visual aides to identify key items such as plant life or soil type
  • Capture photos to be uploaded along with the site review
  • Save a survey on the device for submission when a data signal is present
  • Jump to a field guide / protocol for step by step instructions
  • Pull precipitation data from BSA weather stations
  • Take guided, time-based measurements via app prompts
  • Manage and export data via web application and API

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