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Project Goals

Rich’s USA has more than 70 years of experience developing foodservice solutions. They felt they needed a new website to better reflect their commitment to quality and provide customers with an enhanced online experience.


  • Animation
  • API + Integrations
  • Ecommerce
  • Graphic Design
  • Print Design
  • Strategy & Positioning
  • UI/UX Design
  • Web Development

Rich's USA

UI/UX Design

After a global rebranding initiative, Rich’s USA reached out to us to complete a web design and development project. We worked closely with the Rich’s team to develop a comprehensive plan, based on their goals, that incorporated the design, development, and marketing of a new user-friendly site.

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Strategy & Positioning Document


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Pizza Crust Campaign

Rich’s is the nation’s leading supplier of frozen doughs, crusts, and flatbreads. But they needed a better way to advertise their pizza offerings to schools, healthcare facilities, convenience stores, and more.

Our marketing team created an extensive paid search campaign using ads on Google, Bing, and Facebook. The strategy we devised included several different ad types – from search and display ads to Gmail sponsored promotions and remarketing campaigns. The variety of campaigns helped ensure we were reaching different personas in the market.


Sticker Sheets

Need a branded handout for your employees or clients? Sticker sheets are useful, eye-catching, and fun! Cypress North developed custom sticker sheets for Rich’s that reflected their branding and the products they offer their customers.



What They're Saying

“Digital strategy is a living, breathing thing. Consistent, open communication and ongoing analysis are essential to refining campaigns and building on success.”

Jessica Budde

Vice President, Marketing Operations & Client Services, Cypress North

“We join our clients' team in the truest sense. When giving recommendations & feedback, you'll hear 'we,' not 'I.'”

Greg Finn

Head of Performance & Innovation / Partner, Cypress North

“Graphic Design is visual problem solving. You have to wear multiple hats to see all possible perspectives. One design can look beautiful while another works great, the magic happens when it works beautifully.”

Jordan Siefer

Creative Director, Cypress North

“We understand the complicated choice a client has to make, and if they are willing to bring us in, it is our mission to better understand their goals, clearly describe how we can help, and take the optimal route forward.”

Jon Nalewajek

Senior Software Engineer, Cypress North

“There are infinite ways to accomplish the same task. We figure out the one that is going to have the longest lasting value, be maintainable, and prop up that effort for the longest period of time.”

Matthew Mombrea

CTO / Partner, Cypress North

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