Bit Dashboard

Logo Design

App Design & Development

Website Design & Development

Branding & Iconography

Bit Dashboard is a cryptocurrency portfolio management application. Bit Dashboard turned to Cypress North for assistance in creating a custom app and website. The first step was working with the Bit Dashboard team to develop a clear identity and branding by creating a logo family and color palette.


App Design & Development

Bit Dashboard provides a central location for users to view and manage their full cryptocurrency portfolio by syncing holdings and transactions from their wallets and exchange accounts. Users get a clear picture of their cryptocurrency investments, including their current portfolio, their return on investment over time, and more. Cypress North designed and developed the app to be clean and easy to use.


Website Design & Development

Along with the app we created a website to promote the app itself, using the same palette and branding from the app.


Project Highlights


  • Identity
  • Logo Design
  • Custom Graphs & Data Charts
  • Custom App Design
  • Custom web design

Software Development

  • Built with Laravel
  • API integrations with various cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Syncs data from cryptocurrency blockchains
  • Custom charting
  • Data analytics and portfolio performance metrics

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