Goodnature X-1mini

Website Design & Development

Custom Iconography

Responsive & Interactive Design

Website Design & Development

To show off the latest innovation out of Goodnature, Cypress North and Chris Vogel Design designed and developed an immersive scrolling landing page to unveil the X-1 Mini Pro juice press.


Custom Iconography

Custom Features

We used custom isometric graphics in a time-series scrolling product tour that walks the user through each major component of the device.We also used parallax depth of field elements to really grab and hold the attention of the visitor.

Project Highlights


  • Custom Isometric graphics
  • Immersive scrolling design
  • Custom icons
  • Mobile responsive web design

Software Development

  • Interactive scrolling experience
  • Mobile responsive development
  • SVG and CSS Animations
  • Parallax depth of field elements
  • Time-series scrolling product tour

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