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Project Goals

Rich’s wanted to create a new site for prospective employees to learn about their business, people, and culture in one centralized location. The new site also had to include a place for job-seekers to find and apply to open positions, encouraging more applicants.


  • Graphic Design
  • illustration
  • Photography
  • Print Design
  • Strategy & Positioning
  • UI/UX Design
  • Video

Rich's Careers

UI/UX Design

The UI/UX of the careers website needed to reflect the Rich’s brand properly, but also be able to stand alone as a talent acquisition website. Rich’s wanted to give job-seekers the opportunity to create a profile to make it easier for them to apply to jobs and learn about future opportunities.

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Strategy & Positioning

After going through our discovery process with Rich’s, we put together a strategy and positioning document to use throughout the project and for the client to keep. The document outlined:

  • Industry, segments, & trends
  • Users, personas, & their journeys
  • The core value of the Rich’s Careers page
  • Our core promise
  • Website goals


Design Direction

We also put a design direction document together, laying out the goals and challenges of the website, as well as the anatomy we agreed upon, including color palette, fonts, and logo systems.


Animated Explainer Video

Rich’s is a large business with several divisions, and can seem complicated to applicants trying to learn about the company. We designed an animated video to better explain Rich’s as an organization, eliminating any confusion for potential employees looking to develop an understanding of the company.


Testimonial Videos

The best way to get the message across about a company’s culture is to hear directly from employees. Our creative team filmed interviews with real Rich’s associates from different divisions in the business to use on the careers website. The videos we shot and edited were authentic, and gave prospective employees a chance to learn about the business and culture directly from people experiencing it.

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If you want to successfully develop an employer brand, you can’t rely on stock photos. Potential employees want to see real people doing their jobs in their actual workplace. For Rich’s we wanted to use custom photography to give applicants an honest representation of the company culture. 

Our creative team spent time with associates from Rich’s, capturing their day-to-day work and responsibilities. We then edited the photos to fit the mood and feel we agreed upon for the careers website.

What They're Saying

“Graphic Design is visual problem solving. You have to wear multiple hats to see all possible perspectives. One design can look beautiful while another works great, the magic happens when it works beautifully.”

Jordan Siefer

Creative Director, Cypress North

“We understand the complicated choice a client has to make, and if they are willing to bring us in, it is our mission to better understand their goals, clearly describe how we can help, and take the optimal route forward.”

Jon Nalewajek

Senior Software Engineer, Cypress North

“There are infinite ways to accomplish the same task. We figure out the one that is going to have the longest lasting value, be maintainable, and prop up that effort for the longest period of time.”

Matthew Mombrea

CTO / Partner, Cypress North

“I stumbled across Cypress North through the Marketing O’Clock podcast - an entertaining and tremendous resource of industry knowledge. After being a devoted listener for a year or so, I approached Greg and his team about becoming a client and half-expected a polite decline. After all, Centennial Woods is a niche business tucked away in the Wyoming mountains and I was the only full-time employee in the marketing department.

Thankfully, Cypress North took us on as a client and embraced our story, our challenges, and our vision. Since partnering, our online presence has skyrocketed. Our website traffic, social media engagement, and online sales have all seen exponential growth due to the Cypress North team’s ability to listen, collaborate, and adapt to our ever-changing needs. With their help and guidance, I am no longer bogged down by daily marketing duties and I can now explore new avenues for business expansion.”

Joe DeBaisio

Marketing Manager, Centennial Woods

“For the build of our website and our virtual platform tool, the Cypress North team took the time to learn our products, corporate structure and culture to build digital solutions that met our business needs and is attractive and easy to use for our customers. After the build, Cypress North was diligent to perform needed maintenance and astonishingly quick to respond to edit requests.”

Christie Otis

VP Worldwide Marketing & Service, Transfusion & Transplant, Werfen

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