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Project Goals

  • Multiple user types with role-based permissions
  • Team-based accounts with team member management
  • Team context switching; users can switch between accounts via a single login
  • User impersonation; administrators can impersonate user accounts to help troubleshoot support issues
  • Dedicated client-facing frontend
  • Administrator panel for managing all aspects of the platform and related "business logic"
  • Complex data tables with real-time filtering, sorting, searching, and pagination
  • Data history and auditing records; changes and updates to key records are saved in a change log
  • Reporting tools for generating platform data exports in various formats
  • Transactional email and notification capabilities
  • Fully reactive, dynamic, and persistent UIs; interface state is remembered per-user
  • Live Agent integration for live chat support


  • API + Integrations
  • Platform UI/UX
  • Software Development
  • Web Development

Aspect Advisors ADVantage

Custom Software Development

aspect tech stack

Aspect Advisors, LLC is a financial advisor consulting firm that manages SEC compliance requirements for its client base. To solve their need of collecting and reporting highly confidential financial information to the SEC on behalf of their clients, Cypress North developed the  ADVantage platform.

ADVantage is a bespoke web-based platform developed specifically for Aspect Advisors. It is built upon the popular TALL stack, which consists of TailwindCSS, AlpineJS, Laravel, and Livewire. The platform features a team-based account structure, where users belong to one or more  team accounts, via an invite-only registration process.

Clients use the platform to submit annual financial data to Aspect Advisors. As administrators of the platform, Aspect Advisors use ADVantage to manage and track their client's financial data, fulfilling their ultimate task of managing their client's SEC compliance requirements.

Self Guided ADV filing

The software uses a custom built, step-by-step, data collection system that conditionally guides the user through the proper questions based on their selections and choices, in real-time.

Robust Management System

Administrators can manage and assist clients with their filings, ensuring each is fully complete. The system includes automated validation and alerts, in addition to trigger based emails to make the client aware of any necessary steps that need to be completed.




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What They're Saying

“We understand the complicated choice a client has to make, and if they are willing to bring us in, it is our mission to better understand their goals, clearly describe how we can help, and take the optimal route forward.”

Jon Nalewajek

Senior Software Engineer, Cypress North

“There are infinite ways to accomplish the same task. We figure out the one that is going to have the longest lasting value, be maintainable, and prop up that effort for the longest period of time.”

Matthew Mombrea

CTO / Partner, Cypress North

“One of the things that sets Cypress North apart is our commitment to innovation. The company stays ahead of the game by constantly exploring new technologies and strategies, ensuring that we can offer the best solutions to our clients.”

Brian Rizzo

Software Engineering Manager, Cypress North

“Being able to combine our expertise from a wide variety of fields gives us an unmatched coherency in the digital world.”

Tyler Dakin

Software Developer, Cypress North

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