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Project Goals

Curbell, a national plastic materials supplier, was moving away from its old content management system and was looking for an updated website. They wanted improved functionality that would create a strong, visually appealing digital presence. 

Working closely with the Curbell team, we set several goals for the new site, including improved responsiveness and robust search capabilities. We also wanted the site to have an enhanced, easy-to-use Ecommerce experience that would allow B2B customers to search for specific materials and filter by industry, applications, size, color, and more. 

A major goal for the new site was to offer a great user experience to all customers, regardless of the device type they would be viewing the site on.


  • Data Analysis
  • Marketing Foundation
  • Strategy & Positioning
  • UI/UX Design
  • Video
  • Web Development

Curbell Plastics Web Design

UI/UX Design

It was crucial for us to make the UI/UX design work for both customers and Curbell. We wanted the site to offer a better experience to users, but also be easy for Curbell’s team to maintain and update. 

The updated UI/UX we designed:

  • Improved functionality & responsiveness
  • Enhanced the digital buying experience
  • Focused on security & accessibility compatibility

The new UI/UX kept both existing customers and prospective customers in mind – with the new support and resource center designed to cater to all users looking for more information. We designed the site to serve as a resource, organizing information in a more streamlined way that would guide users to the right materials based on their needs and their buyer’s journey.

We also designed an updated Ecommerce experience on the site that would make it easier for current customers to make purchases, while showcasing Curbell’s offerings to attract new customers.

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Products shoppable products available on the site


Strategy & Positioning Document

We created a strategy and positioning document to outline the goals we set for the new website, along with the look and feel we decided on. It included our core promise to users, the value we offer them, and how we want them to feel when they’re visiting and interacting with the new site.

The document served as a resource for both our team and Curbell’s by keeping the focus on the target audience. We researched and compiled useful information on the personas of users visiting the site, what their journeys are,  the challenges they face, and how we can solve them.


Design Direction Document

The design direction document we put together for the project served as a blueprint to keep our goals, challenges, and key anatomy for the new site at the top of mind.

The digital design system included the digital brand logo system, color palette, font and type hierarchy, and UI components and content.


Custom Hero Animation

With our goals of attracting users and presenting helpful information to site visitors, we wanted to find a way to showcase Curbell’s plastic products in a fun, eye-catching way. We settled on designing a custom 3D animation that would be displayed in the site’s hero and highlight the variety of plastic products we offer.

What They're Saying

“We partnered with Cypress North to redesign our website, and it has been a pleasure to continue our partnership with them since launching the new site.
Their talented design and development teams are not only innovative but also incredibly easy to work with. They understand our needs intuitively and translate them into solutions with remarkable efficiency.
What truly sets Cypress North apart is their responsiveness. Whenever we encounter an issue or seek to make improvements, they are quick to respond and proactive.
Overall, our experience with Cypress North has been nothing short of exceptional. We highly recommend them to anyone seeking a partner who not only delivers top-notch design and development but also prioritizes collaboration and client satisfaction.”

Sherrie Bloom

Director of Marketing, Curbell

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