Email Design & Marketing

Logo Animation

Social Media Ad Design & Marketing

Gmail Ad Design & Marketing

Cypress North’s Marketing and creative teams created a suite of Gmail ads to promote’s popular characters and party rentals. The Gmail ads allowed our team a greater opportunity for creativity as we had more screen real estate to work with and could design targeted CTAs that are customized for the audience. This extra room allowed us to capture the essence of the brand and promote their offerings in a bright, creative way.


Logo Animation

We took the existing logo and animated it to be eye-catching and engaging.  The lively, entertaining animation is reflective of’s fun branding and corporate image and can be utilized in ads and promotional videos online.

Social Media Ad Design & Marketing

To promote their services for holiday parties and seasonal events, turned to Cypress North’s marketing & creative departments to create compelling ads that visually communicated the essence of their brand to potential customers on social media. Our team utilized imaginative design, animation, and gifs, to promote’s services in an alluring, fun manner. Using Facebook and Instagram’s carousel ad format, we were able to utilize a cohesive storytelling strategy to demonstrate’s unique services.


Project Highlights


  • Social Ad Design
  • Display Ad Design
  • GSP Email Design
  • Logo Animation


  • Redirection of 1000's of URLs
  • PPC marketing
  • Sitewide tracking and analytics
  • Goal and event tracking
  • Data studio reporting
  • Rich data implementation

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