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If your website isn’t performing as well in search as you think it should, we can work with you to identify issues and outline areas of improvement. A comprehensive organic website audit will examine every aspect of your site to find on-page and technical SEO problems that could be impacting performance.
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Every site audit includes a document outlining all of our findings and actionable recommendations that will help improve performance. The audit will identify issues with both technical and on-page SEO, including broken links, indexing problems, redirect issues, internal linking, site speed, and more. We’ll provide solutions for every problem we find, and suggestions when we see areas that could be improved.



If you don’t have the resources to implement the changes we recommend in your site audit, our team does! We’ll take the action items we outlined in the audit and prioritize them, tackling any critical issues first. From there, we’ll work on making changes based on what we think will move the needle most.



If you’re new to SEO or want to learn more about what can impact your site’s performance, we’re happy to set up training sessions for your team. We can run through the basics of holistic SEO with you or go more in-depth on some of the technical aspects of optimization. Our SEO experts will share their expertise, answer any questions you may have, and even provide best practices you can follow to grow your audience organically. All training sessions are recorded, so you have resources to look back on and share with future team members moving forward.


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