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Any level of development your organization needs will require consulting and strategy. We’re happy to work with you to provide that guidance – even if we’re not the ones executing the plan we develop for you. Our tech team is made up of experts who have come across 50 different ways to solve one problem. That knowledge and experience, along with the discovery process we use that lets us get to know you, will help us come up with the best solution for your business.
Our Solutions

At Cypress North, an important part of our process for tech consulting and strategy is getting to know you so we can get the best understanding of what you want and any potential problems you may be facing. We take the time to go through a discovery process so we fully understand what your end goal is and can find the best solution that will help you meet that goal.

And we don't just think in the short term. Our knowledge and experience allow us to forecast and anticipate the long-term maintainability and technical debt of any solution we recommend.

When you work with Cypress North for technology consultation and strategy, we make sure you’re fully informed every step of the way. You’ll get reports and audits, cost estimates and HR staffing estimates, technical drawings, workflows, and more. We can give you the blueprint for building and developing custom software, cloud-based infrastructure, data processing pipelines, websites, or APIs - and then you can choose whether you want us to execute it for you. We know it’s hard knowing who to trust in web development, and we’re happy to provide you with good, honest opinions, even if we’re not the ones who will be executing the plan we come up with.


Consulting & Strategy Solutions

When you come to us with a technical problem, you can trust that we'll find the right answer – whether it’s an existing solution or one we have to build specifically for you. We'll make sure we assess your needs and your challenges so we can give you the best plan forward to help you succeed.

If you come to us with an idea, we'll use our knowledge and experience to architect a solution to make it happen. We'll start with a discovery process to learn more about you and your objectives. Once we have a good idea of what it is you're looking for, we’ll work with you to build a plan and identify the right platform and tools that not only work together, but work for you to reach your goals.

Are you considering a new tech system for your business? If you are, it’s important to keep systems integration in mind. That means you’ll want to make sure anything new you add will integrate seamlessly with the different systems you have that are already working together. 

Systems integration is crucial to the technical work we do at Cypress North. When we build new platforms or develop new software for you, we make sure the new product doesn't interfere with existing systems. We'll examine your current tech stack, and take into account the tools you want to use. Our findings and discoveries will allow us to build an integrated product that helps you reach your goals.

Need a technical strategy for your organization? Our tech team can work with you to develop an approach that works for you and your goals.

A crucial step for us when it comes to technical strategy is discovery. After we take the time to get to know your organization's mission, goals, and challenges, we'll assess your tech stack, preferred platforms, and existing integrations. All of the information we gather helps us forecast long-term technical debt and make informed recommendations specific to you.

When all your systems are running in a cloud, it can be hard to keep track of everything that’s happening and when something may be wrong. With DevOps, our team can give you insights into what’s happening with all your systems in the cloud – at all times. 

Our team is well-versed in DevOps and can provide insights that will give you a better understanding of how your systems are functioning. We’ll show you performance metrics, help you track system health, and assist in terraforming and CI/CD pipeline development. 

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