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Starting Point

Initially contracted to perform an organic website audit and full review of paid search accounts with ongoing consulting, we dove right into the meat and potatoes of what was driving Circle Line’s existing online sales success. More importantly, we uncovered many areas for optimization, growth, and new opportunities. Cypress North joined forces with the folks at Circle Line to become a deeply entrenched member of their kick-butt marketing team.

Infographic Creation
Blog Optimization and Editing
Digital Marketing

How We Solved It

Leadership, teamwork & everything in between

Starting our relationship on a consultation basis, our engagement with Circle Line became much more involved when a staff member exit left a gap in the in-house marketing team. Since then, we’ve become much more than an agency offering advice on SEO/SEM, we’ve become an integral part of their team working hand-in-hand on digital efforts to boost brand awareness and sales.

Working on an ongoing retainer basis to build upon Circle Line’s solid digital foundation, we provided guidance on various organic search and content marketing endeavors while also managing the day-to-day operations and overall strategy for paid search.

With weekly strategy calls and ongoing open communication, we’ve worked incredibly closely with the team at Circle Line to tackle everything from a site redesign and major infographic creation to the launch of many new pay-per-click campaigns and more robust tracking efforts across non-transactional events – all while closely monitoring ROI and continuing to focus on growing sales.

What We Accomplished

  • 1
    61% increase in overall conversion rate
  • 2
    39% increase in eCommerce conversion rate
  • 3
    13% larger average order value
  • 4
    78% increase in revenue from online sales
  • 5
    99% increase in revenue from organic search traffic
  • 6
    82% increase in revenue from paid search traffic
  • 7
    164% increase in traffic earned via the blog
  • 8
    318% increase in overall blog traffic
  • 9
    50+ pieces of content generated
Lindsey Guinn

Lindsey Guinn

Marketing Director at Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises

To us, Cypress North isn’t just an agency, but a true extension of our team. Their creative thinking, keen sense of strategy & strong focus on delivering results are exemplary, but what really sets them apart is their focus on client service & commitment to doing what’s right for us.

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