The 47 Best
Digital Marketing Podcasts

by: Christine Zirnheld

There is no shortage of content available when it comes to digital marketing. But a busy marketer like yourself doesn’t have time to read every case study to stay current on what’s new in this constantly evolving industry. With so many podcasts claiming to speak with authority in this space, it can be difficult to decipher who is the real deal and which podcasts are worth your time. This is one of the main reasons we decided to enter the digital marketing podcast game a couple of years ago.

By the way: The combination of Cialis with grapefruit juice is unacceptable. This will not only reduce the effectiveness of the tablets, but can also cause changes in blood pressure, dizziness and other discomfort.

However, there are A LOT of great digital marketing podcasts out there, and all of us here at Marketing O’Clock want to help you find podcasts that will help you in your day-to-day efforts. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you, compiling a comprehensive list of the best digital marketing podcasts out there. We’ve found 47 informative, entertaining podcasts that cover virtually every digital marketing topic, from daily SEO news shows to interviews with game-changing affiliate marketers.

The list is in no particular order, so be sure to read through to the end. If you’re interested in a particular marketing niche, use the filter tool to see shows that cover your topic of choice.

It’s time to hear from the experts and learn real-life strategies that you can use to drive sales and leads through digital marketing. These are the shows that we listen to to get new ideas and become better marketers (and podcasters)!

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Marketing O'Clock

Hosts: Greg Finn, Jess Budde, and Christine Zirnheld

@gregfinn @jessicaLbudde @shepzirnheld

When To Expect New Episodes: Every Friday morning

Why you'll love it: We cover the latest trends, advancements, and breakthroughs from the previous week’s digital marketing headlines every Friday. Tune in every week for our insights, updates, rants, and laughs as we cover the full gamut of digital marketing for you.

For the Digital Marketer Who Does it all

Digital Download

Host: Joe Kerschbaum from 3Q


When To Expect New Episodes: 1-2 new episodes are released every month

Why we love it:  If you enjoy listening to discourse between digital marketing thought leaders, this podcast has interviews that you will love. Each episode dives deep into various digital marketing topics, ensuring listeners are ahead of trends and have the tools and knowledge they require to build their brand.

The Digital Marketing Podcast

Host: Ciaran Rogers and Daniel Rowles from Target Internet

  @ciaraniow @DanielRowles

When To Expect New Episodes: Bi-Weekly

Why we love it: With 9 years worth of episode inventory already recorded, this is a great show to binge-listen on your next road trip or flight. Topics include everything from stakeholder management to the joys of WordPress.

Search Buzz

Host: Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Roundtable 


When To Expect New Episodes: Every Saturday

Why we love it: This is a valuable resource for anyone who prefers to consume news by watching or listening rather than reading articles. Each week, Barry recaps all the search news covered on Search Engine Roundtable. Most episodes are around 10 minutes or less and will keep you informed on industry trends and search headlines! 

Edge of the Web

Host: Erin Sparks from Site Strategies


When To Expect New Episodes: Multiple episodes are released throughout each week. Sometimes two new episodes will be available in one day!

Why we love it: Each episode features interviews with top names in digital marketing. The experts dive deep into various topics including SEO, social media, content marketing, and more. The podcast also releases short, to-the-point news episodes that keep listeners informed on what’s trending in the industry. 

Business of Digital

Host: Dave Rohrer and Matt Siltala

@daver @Matt_Siltala 

When To Expect New Episodes: Every Saturday

Why we love it: Dave and Matt help you make sense of complex SEO, PPC, and online reputation management topics in each 20-minute episode. This is a must-listen for small to medium-sized business owners seeking growth through digital marketing.

Experts On The Wire

Host: Dan Shure


When To Expect New Episodes: Monthly

Why we love it: If you’re ever-curious about digital marketing and want to experiment with new techniques to drive results, you’ve come to the right podcast. SEO experts cover a range of topics including social media, content marketing, and more with practical strategies that can move the needle for your brand.

Internet Marketing Podcast

Host: Andy White from Site Visibility


When To Expect New Episodes: Every Wednesday

Why we love it: This show offers concise coverage of SEO and internet marketing topics and provides actionable advice you can employ in real life. Listen every week to stay current on industry trends and best practices from thought leaders in the digital space.

PPC Rockstars

Host: David Szetela from Webmaster Radio FM


When To Expect New Episodes: Weekly

Why we love it: This content is perfect for marketers who want inspiration to shake things up in their PPC campaigns. Each week features deep dives on a variety of search and social topics, from the latest trends to trusted best practices. Plus, gain additional insights from interviews with industry “rockstars”.

Exposure Ninja Digital Marketing Podcast

Host: Tim Cameron-Kitchen from Exposure Ninja


When To Expect New Episodes: Tuesdays

Why we love it: Each episode focuses on a specific marketing challenge as “The Ninjas” and various special guests give you the tools you need to achieve your goals. Episodes are full of actionable “how to” marketing guides to improve digital performance.

The Search Engine Journal Show

Host: Brent Csutoras, Loren Baker, & Danny Goodwin from Search Engine Journal

@brentcsutoras @MrDannyGoodwin @lorenbaker

When To Expect New Episodes: Bi-Weekly on Wednesdays

Why we love it: This podcast allows you to pick the best and brightest brains in digital marketing today. With each new episode, you’ll hear from an industry leading marketing “nerd” on the future of the digital marketing industry, time and money saving best practices, and optimization techniques. 

Marketing Speak

Host: Stephan Spencer


When To Expect New Episodes: Every Tuesday

Why we love it: Whether you’re new to digital marketing or an industry veteran, this podcast provides actionable SEO tactics that you can start using right now. Hear from industry experts on a range of diverse marketing topics, from affiliate marketing to public speaking.

Marketing Scoop

Host: Judith Lewis and David Bain from SEM Rush

@DavidBain @JudithLewis

When To Expect New Episodes:  Every Tuesday

Why we love it: Each episode is a deep dive into digital marketing trends, tactics, and headlines. Digital marketing thought leaders join the hosts every week to discuss the state of the industry. 

Marketing School

Host: Neil Patel and Eric Siu 

@neilpatel @ericosiu

When To Expect New Episodes: Daily


Why we love it: This podcast is a great resource for anyone just dipping their toes into the world of digital marketing. The short, to-the-point episodes provide useful digital marketing advice and valuable how-to guides. If you have a specific question on a particular paid or non-paid topic, search their extensive list of episodes.


Search Talk Live

Host: Matt Weber, Robert O’Haver, & Michelle Stinson Ross

@MStinsonRoss @RobertOHaver

When To Expect New Episodes: Live every Tuesday

Why we love it: Listen to stay up-to-date and ready-to-adapt to the latest algorithms, updates, and trends impacting digital marketing today. Featuring real, unfiltered discussions between digital marketing thought leaders. Call the show live or leave a voicemail, the experts are ready to answer any questions you have!

The Recipe For SEO Success

Host: Kate Toon


When To Expect New Episodes: Every other Tuesday

Why we love it: Each episode is specified for either SEO “NEWBIES” or seasoned “TECHIES”, so there are episodes for marketers at all career stages. Experts are interviewed on a wide range of organic search topics, from crawl efficiency to content marketing. Episodes are generally under an hour and perfect to listen to on your lunch break! 


Host: Rebecca Gill


When To Expect New Episodes: Mondays

Why we love it: This is a valuable resource for entrepreneurs or marketers who want to leverage search engines to grow their business. Rather than stress over algorithms or penalties, it focuses on proven SEO best practices and why they should matter to you. All episodes are around 15 minutes, making this podcast great for busy business owners! 


Host: Jim Hedger and Dave Davies from Webmaster Radio FM


When To Expect New Episodes: Every Thursday

Why we love it: This podcast was created for anyone who is passionate about the ever-changing world of search engines. Each episode dives deep into the intricacies that affect organic rankings. Stay educated on current events, algorithms, and updates and learn about trending SEO tactics to employ for your website. 

Voices of Search

Host: Jordan Koene from Search Metrics


When To Expect New Episodes: 2-3 episodes released every week

Why we love it: Learn how to leverage the latest SEO tactics and fully grasp why and how they work. In each episode, Jordan and guests discuss what’s trending in search and present actionable strategies in a simple, easy-to-follow format. 


Host: Various Brighton SEO Presenters


When To Expect New Episodes: Multiple episodes are released every day

Why we love it: This is for anyone who didn’t make it to the BrightonSEO Conference but wants to hear talks from search engine innovators who presented at the event. Each podcast episode, around 20 minutes in length, is a pre-recorded talk from previous BrightonSEO conferences.

Digital Cast

Host: Mickey Mellen


When To Expect New Episodes: Multiple episodes released each week

Why we love it: Each episode is around 2 minutes in length and covers organic digital marketing topics. This is valuable content for anyone seeking more information on a particular digital marketing topic that doesn’t have time to take a deep dive. In just 2 minutes you can gain a surprising amount of insight on the science behind organic search and learn actionable strategies to improve your website’s rankings.


Perpetual Traffic

Host: Ralph Burns and Molly Pittman


When To Expect New Episodes: Every Tuesday

Why we love it: This podcast provides technical, tactical strategies to optimize the performance of your social, search, or shopping campaigns and gain new customers. Listen if you’re hungry for more leads and/or sales and want to grow your business through PPC marketing. 

PPC Show

Host:  Paul Wicker from Ad Stage


When To Expect New Episodes: Bi-Weekly

Why we love it: If you have an extra 30 minutes a week, then you have time to catch up on the latest news in digital advertising. Each episode covers the headlines along with the latest studies and statistics uncovered in the world of digital.

The Paid Search Podcast

Host: Chris Schaeffer & Jason Rothman

@chrischaeffer @rothmanppc 

When To Expect New Episodes: Every Monday

Why we love it: Each episode will help you navigate the ever-changing Google Ads landscape with plenty of sarcasm along the way. This is a must-listen if you’re passionate about improving the performance of your Google Ads campaigns. You’ll gain new insights and strategies every week, from how to optimize campaigns with scripts to how to use keyword planner.

The Art of Paid Traffic

Host: Rick Mulready


When To Expect New Episodes: Full episodes on Tuesdays and bonus “quick tips” on Thursdays

Why we love it: Rick releases in-depth analysis episodes, but we really love the “quick tip” episodes, where he covers specific, proven strategies you can employ in your campaign today. This is a show for anyone who wants to improve PPC performance on Google Ads, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and/or LinkedIn.

Small Business/Entrepreneurship

Smart Passive Income

Host: Pat Flynn 


When To Expect New Episodes: Every Monday

Why we love it: With over 350 episodes published, this show has produced hundreds of hours of content developed to help you grow your online business. Topics include everything from podcasting to outsourcing and episodes are full of insightful conversations and practical techniques that you can employ today.

Yours in Marketing

Host: Blake Emal


When To Expect New Episodes: Every Week

Why we love it: Learn how to optimize your marketing strategy and win more B2B clients. After listening to this podcast, you’ll walk away with valuable tips, tactics, and best practices from the brilliant minds behind today’s most reputable B2B brands.

MarTech Podcast

Host: Benjamin Shapiro


When To Expect New Episodes: Every Weekday


Why we love it: Tune in each week for interviews with world-class marketers as they discuss the role technology has played in their career trajectory along with stories of their successes, failures, and growth.

Growth Everywhere Daily Business Lessons

Host: Eric Siu from Single Grain


When To Expect New Episodes: Every Weekday

Why we love it: Time to get your startup off the ground. Eric shares strategies and inspiration that you can employ to drive results. Topics include audience building, recruiting, work-life balance, and much more! 

Build Your Tribe

Host: Chalene Johnson


When To Expect New Episodes: Every Monday and Saturday

Why we love it: Learn how to quit your day job and be your own boss! Chalene spews motivation and practical tips for anyone looking to make it as a successful entrepreneur. From how to grow your social media following to public speaking advice, you’ll gain insight on a wide range of topics. 

The Growth Show

Host: Meghan Keaney Anderson from Hubspot


When To Expect New Episodes: Every Wednesday

Why we love it: This podcast spotlights modern entrepreneurial success stories through guest interviews. Explore the marketing techniques, digital and otherwise, that turned startups into multi-million dollar organizations.

Marketing Over Coffee

Host: John Wall and Christopher Penn

@johnjwall @cspenn

When To Expect New Episodes: Every Week

Why we love it: John, Christopher, and occasional guests help small business owners stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in the world of marketing with actionable, compelling content. 

The Lead Generation

Host: Bob Sparkins (Jenkins) from Leadpages


When To Expect New Episodes: Every Tuesday

Why we love it: This is a show for professionals trying to make it on their own who want to hear from other successful entrepreneurs. Get inspiration and practical advice on how to navigate the new entrepreneurial landscape.

Online Marketing Made Easy

Host: Amy Porterfield


When To Expect New Episodes: Every Thursday

Why we love it: Are you an entrepreneur or business owner looking for feasible, profitable step-by-step advice on how to find success in the digital space? This show will tell you exactly how to grow your email list, create a content calendar, build an online business and much more!


Shopify Masters

Host: Felix Thea from Traffic and Sales


When To Expect New Episodes: Every Monday

Why we love it: Shopify produces this podcast where entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds and industries share practical advice on how they used Shopify to sell product and increase their bottom line.

Unofficial Shopify Podcast

Host: Kurt Elster


When To Expect New Episodes:  Weekly

Why we love it: As you might guess from the name, this podcast covers all things Shopify, with tactical strategies you can use to grow your store today. Because it’s not sponsored or endorsed by Shopify itself, Kurt and guests are free to discuss successes, shortcomings, what works, and what doesn’t. Added perk: Kurt is pretty entertaining, this is a fun listen!

The eCommerce Minute

Host: Bart Mroz and John Suder

@bartmroz @johnsuder

When To Expect New Episodes: Every Weekday

Why we love it: Get your daily fix of eCommerce news! This podcast delivers tech, retail, and eCommerce trends in a fun and engaging format with plenty of sarcasm along the way.

eCommerce Momentum

Host: Stephen Peterson

When To Expect New Episodes: Weekly on Monday

Why we love it: Stephen has interviewed hundreds of movers and shakers in the eCommerce industry about how they have found success on Amazon, Ebay, and other online marketplaces. Listeners learn tactics and techniques to help them increase eCommerce sales, whether they are new to online selling or seasoned veterans looking to refresh their strategy. 


Host: Mike Jackness and Dave Bryant


When To Expect New Episodes: Twice weekly

Why we love it: This Podcast is a great resource for anyone looking to grow their business through eCommerce. Get real-life advice from experts who have found success in the eCommerce space as they discuss the benefits and challenges associated with the industry.

Affiliate Marketing

Human Proof Podcast

Host: Dominic Wells


When To Expect New Episodes: Every other week

Why we love it: Learn how to monetize your website and make money through affiliate marketing. Host Dominic covers everything you need to know about leveraging the affiliate model, from link sharing to buying and selling sites. 

The Affiliate Guy

Host:  Matt McWilliams


When To Expect New Episodes: Every week

Why we love it: Each 15 minute episode covers one topic at a time that will help you take your affiliate marketing strategy to the next level. Learn how to run affiliate promotions, get more subscribers, find employees, and more! 

This Is Affiliate Marketing

Host: Shawn Collins from Affiliate Summit


When To Expect New Episodes: Weekly on Tuesdays


Why we love it: Shawn interviews major players in the affiliate marketing industry including advertisers, merchants, publishers and more.

Content Marketing

Hot Copy Podcast

Host: Kate Toon and Belinda Weaver

@katetooncopy @copywritemattrs

When To Expect New Episodes:  Bi-Monthly

Why we love it: Copywriting experts are here to help you leverage your writing skills and grow your business. Hot Copy podcast listeners learn practical techniques that they can apply to their email, digital, and content marketing strategies. 


Host: Sonia Simone

@soniasimone @copyblogger 

When To Expect New Episodes: Every Monday

Why we love it: If you are looking to perfect or re-energize your content marketing strategy, look no further. Learn about trends and best practices that will take your copy to the next level.