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Cole Soldwisch

Digital Marketer

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Cole is a Digital Marketer here at Cypress North. He contributes to the planning, execution, and management of digital marketing campaigns. On a typical day, Cole splits his time between paid search campaign management, e-mail campaign management, and anything in between.

Cole is a proud Buffalo native and Canisius High School graduate. He spent four years studying marketing at Loyola University of Maryland before moving back to Buffalo to pursue his career. With a background rooted in client facing technology support at Loyola, Cole developed a love for helping others. Prior to Cypress North, Cole also completed two advertising agency internships – one local and one in Baltimore. His experiences fostered a keen attention to detail and an appreciation for project management. 

Cole’s certifications include:

  • AdWords Search Advertising
  • AdWords Display Advertising
  • Google Analytics (Individually Qualified)
  • Bing Ads (Accredited Professional)

Areas of expertise

  • 1
    Paid Search
  • 2
    Content Marketing
  • 3
    E-Mail Marketing
  • 4
    Search Analytics & Analysis
  • 5

Known For

  • 1
    Being an Animated Ray of Optimistic Sunlight
  • 2
    Sounding like "Cold Sandwich"
  • 3
    Rocking a blue suit
  • 4
    Reaching the top of mountains
  • 5
    Eating any form of granola
  • 6
    Lacking an inside voice

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