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PPC & Digital Advertising Services

At Cypress North we use a disciplined, quantitative approach to PPC marketing that allows our team to focus on delivering a positive return on investment to clients. With proper targeting, tracking and tactics we can keep click costs down while keeping volume high. When combined with proper conversion optimization & landing pages, our clients see fantastic results & growth by cherry-picking the best traffic from search engines and turning prospects into customers.

Paid Social

Create and capture demand on the world's largest social networks. Work with our team of social advertising experts to get the most out of each platform's robust audience targeting options and custom creative types. Get the right message, to the right people, at the right time, every time.

Facebook & Instagram

Promote content to audiences ready to engage your brand. Hone in on and convert your unique personas with custom built audience segments.


A gem for B2B brands, LinkedIn's one of a kind targeting can reach users via key demographics including job skills, experience, and companies.


280 characters, but make it contextual. Leverage Twitter's unique ability to target users based on conversations they're having on the platform.


This leading Q&A site isn't just for armchair experts! Place ads in front of users who have searched for and browsed questions related to your brand.


There's a subreddit for that! Connect with relevant communities to grow your audience & traffic. Reaching your niche has never been so easy.


Photos, Videos, Stories, Lenses, name it! Build brand awareness and drive conversions with captivating creative types.


Whether prospects are searching for inspiration or pinning items to their must-buy board, connect with them along any stage of the buyer's journey.


Stay top of mind with image-based ads placed across the internet. At a fraction of the cost of search ads, display ads deliver quality traffic through numerous targeting options including past site visitors, interest & intent, individual website placements and much more!

Google Display Network

With a variety of unique dynamic ad types and targeting available, we'll iterate until we find an ad & audience combination that drives a return.

Microsoft Advertising Network

Microsoft makes it easy to test their audience network. Quickly import Google display campaigns to get up and running on the brand safe display platform.

Custom Audiences

We'll help you identify, segment, and build custom audiences to help you reach your ideal customer profile wherever they may browse.


Increase your ecommerce profitability with shopping ads. Find first time buyers, win back cart abandoners, or increase customer lifetime value through custom campaign configurations and unique audience segments built to drive returns.

Google Shopping

From complex traditional shopping setups to fully automated Smart Shopping options, we'll segment your products into campaigns optimized for high returns.

Microsoft Shopping

Despite lower volume, Microsoft has a few tricks up its sleeve (and so do we). Drive additional returns by thinking beyond Google Shopping.

Social Shopping

Showcase products on your customers' favorite feeds. We'll help you leverage social advertising to drive sales at a scalable ROI.

Feed Builds & Optimization

No feed yet? We'll do it for you! We can start small with manual spreadsheet feed or start off with an automated feed from your e-commerce CMS.


Lights, Camera, Advertise! Promote video content to your ideal audiences across platforms to build brand awareness and engage prospects.


YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet; you don't want to miss that potential traffic. Seize the spotlight and share your videos with the world.

Facebook & Instagram

Engage & delight your viewers with videos in their favorite feeds to build brand awareness or inform & explain your product or service.


Prospects so nice, you marketed twice! Win users that visited your site, engaged with your content, but ultimately didn't convert. Through unique tactics across multiple platforms, turn qualified traffic into incremental conversions.

Google Display Network

Stay top-of-mind, share offers, and more with previous site visitors through image-based ads as they browse their favorite sites.

Google Ads RLSAs

Limit search campaign delivery to your most engaged and informed prospects only by applying custom built remarketing lists.

Microsoft Advertising RLSAs

Like Google RLSAs, use the same custom built audiences on Microsoft Advertising search campaigns to limit delivery to qualified prospects.

Facebook & Instagram Retargeting

Serve ads to non-converters at their point in the buyer's journey. Pair creative ads & copy with detailed engagement audiences to educate & convert prospects.

LinkedIn Retargeting

Make the most of your existing data. Serve ads based on website activity, lead form engagement, video views, and CRM lists.

CRM Retargeting

Leverage the first party data in your CRM, POS, and other systems to win back leads with personalized ads across Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google.

Tracking & Analytics

If you want to quantify it, we'll track it. We specialize in customized tracking configurations that reflect your company's unique goals & KPIs. From custom data visualization dashboards to return on investment analyses, we'll surface the metrics that help your business determine success.

Personalized Tracking Parameters

We configure robust url parameters to create granular tracking for your paid initiatives. Find out exactly what works, or doesn't, from the creative type down to the keyword.

Google Analytics

Whether you haven't started tracking your website traffic and behavior, or you want to get more out of your data, we can help you use Google Analytics to its fullest potential.

Google Tag Manager

Want data that Google Analytics can't provide out-of-the-box? Google Tag Manager is essential for custom website tracking - tell us what you want to know and we'll set it up.

Ad Platform Tracking & Attribution

Get pixel perfect attribtuion We'll install ad network trackings scripts and configure custom conversion tracking so you can monitor success in and out of ad platforms.

Custom Dashboards

Custom dashboards put actionable metrics at your fingertips. Make sense of PPC and get a clear view of ROI with custom visualizations across all paid initiatives.

Business System Integration

Link your CRM and other business systems to your advertising platforms to gain valuable insights into how you're prospects are engaging with your advertising.

Landing Page Development

An ad campaign is only as good as it's worst landing pages. Rest assured that you're sending traffic to pages that will delight and convert your target audiences. We're experts at crafting and optimizing custom landing pages for all types of paid campaigns.

Custom Landing Page Development

Make a landing page as unique as your brand. We'll help across the board, from concept to content, from creation to conversion.


We're experts at using Unbounce powerful drag & drop builder and A/B testing & smart traffic options to create incredible landing pages.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We'll test form placement, headlines, ad variants and more with data driven experiments. We use data to boost conversion rates.

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Discover proven strategies from the Cypress North team that will help you solve B2B digital marketing challenges and achieve your sales & marketing goals.

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B2B Marketing & Demand Generation


With extensive B2B experience across a wide variety of industries, we understand that no two businesses are the same. We take a personal approach to business marketing challenges, acting as an extension of your team rather than a partner or vendor. From marketing automation to PPC to content marketing and more, our B2B marketing & demand generation services are guaranteed to help you build a strong sales pipeline.

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Content Marketing


Our expert content marketers have the skills to create meaningful content to help your brand communicate, inform, and, most importantly, tell a story. Whether you’re looking to generate traffic to your site, communicate your value propositions across online ad platforms, or fill your funnel with quality leads, we can write copy to help you get there. Our team adapts to any industry, brand guidelines, or tone of voice to effectively portray your brand.

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Data & Analytics


We don’t make decisions based on gut instincts or our own opinions – we let the data make the decisions for us, and we can help your business do the same. No matter what point you’re in your data journey, we can help you every step of the way. From data collection and cleaning to analysis and visualization, we are your data and analytics partner. Let us uncover the story that your data is telling.

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From B2B to DTC, our experience running profitable shopping campaigns covers a wide variety of industries and product lines. Whether you’re a young brand launching looking to scale your sales, or a multi-faceted distributor looking to squeeze more return out of each dollar spent, we’re your e-commerce team. Spending as if your budget was our own, every decision we make seeks higher return.

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At Cypress North, we only work in holistic, above-the-board SEO, working alongside you and your team to explain and inform you along the way.

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Our Team

We are a tight-knit team made up of digital marketers, developers, and designers with over 200 years of experience under our belts in our respective areas of expertise. Each of us brings a unique perspective to the table.

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Balancing planning with performance

A great strategy isn’t worth much if you can’t execute with precision. We pride ourselves on our ability to combine separate skill sets into seamless solutions, empowering our clients by all means necessary.

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