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Types of Photography

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need stunning photography that’s unique to you and your brand. Candids, headshots, product photos, and more can help refresh your digital and print marketing efforts and add a level of personalization that stock photos don’t offer. Whether you’re looking for portrait photography, an in-office photo shoot, or event photography, we’ll make sure you have the photos you need to showcase your organization.

Portrait Photography

Capture a professional image of team members, customers, and more with portrait photos. This kind of photography incorporates various lighting techniques, backdrops, and poses to capture the subject in a personal, sophisticated way. Portraits can be used to refresh websites and social media, convey emotion, and more.


Product Photography

Highlight your product and service offerings with high-quality product photography. We’ll take eye-catching photos that properly convey the essence and features of the products your organization offers. These images can be used for ecommerce, packaging, social media, and promotional marketing to attract customers.



Showcase your space to potential customers or clients. Architectural photography can capture the interior and exterior of your organization’s building, office space, and more. These photos can be used on websites, social media, and other marketing channels to give your audience a better idea of who you are as a brand.


Business or Event Photography

Whether you want to highlight an event or provide a behind-the-scenes look at the day-to-day of your organization, business and event photography can help. Our team will meet you on-site to capture authentic moments that show your team in action. These images can be used for personalized marketing on your website and social media or for recruiting purposes on job postings.


Photography Services

Get the images you need at a lower cost. We offer half-day photoshoots that can incorporate any kind of photography you need. Our creative experts will meet you on-site and photograph your office, team, products, and more for four hours. We’ll then edit those photos and deliver them to you for use in your creative and marketing efforts.

What's Included: 

4-Hour Photoshoot, 1 Location, Equipment, Editing, Photo Delivery Folder, and Full Licensing

If you’re looking for an extensive portfolio of new images, a full-day shoot is probably the answer for you. Our team will meet you at a location of your choosing and spend eight hours with you and your team, photographing whatever you need for your projects and campaigns. Those photos will be edited and delivered to you after the shoot.

What's Included: 

8-Hour Photoshoot, 1-2 Locations, Equipment, Editing, Photo Delivery Folder, and Full Licensing

Have photography needs that may not fit into a half-day or full-day shoot? We offer specialty shoots that can scale to meet your needs! Specialty photoshoots are completely customizable – from the number of days and locations to how many photographers are involved.

What's Included: 

Completely Custom Photoshoot, Equipment, Editing, Photo Delivery Folder, and Full Licensing

If you already have your own photos that need to be edited or altered, we can help. Our creative experts can make adjustments to your photos or photoshop them to meet your various needs.

What's Included: 

Photo Editing & Photo Delivery Folder

Need assistance in sourcing the perfect stock photos for your needs? Leave it to the experts!

Your Photo Expert

Creative Director

Jordan Siefer

Jordan is our Creative Director. She joined Cypress North in March 2018 and works out of our Buffalo office. 

Jordan brings more than 13 years of experience to our agency and uses that expertise to lead our creative department. She works closely with clients, guiding them through processes to help define their brand and audience so the work we create accurately represents them and meets the needs of their target audience. Jordan also works internally with other departments to find collaborative solutions for clients. She oversees all graphic design, branding, strategy, and artistic efforts for clients and our agency.

Originally from Ohio, Jordan graduated from Alfred University’s School of Art and Design. After school, she moved to Buffalo full-time.

When she’s not at the office creating art for work, Jordan can be found drawing, painting, and enjoying all things art in her personal time as well. In addition to art, she likes sports and being outside. A born Buckeye fan, Jordan makes being from Ohio one of her personality traits. She also loves wearing overalls and drinking tea.

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