Frame up your brand goals and objectives


Strategy & Positioning

At Cypress North, we consider our team a part of your team, which means your goals become our goals. We begin every partnership with an in-depth discovery process that gives us a better understanding of our clients so we can build tailored strategies that will pave the road to success now and into the future.

No matter what your creative needs are, we can work with you to build a brand and marketing strategy that will help you reach – and even exceed – your goals. We’ll help you identify your target audience and figure out how to reach and speak to them to sell your brand properly, gain recognition, and build trust.

What makes us unique is we can do more than just develop a brand strategy for you. We can also help you execute and implement that strategy by tapping into our digital marketing expertise, development skills, and creative offerings. If you’d rather do that part yourself or with someone else – that’s okay too!


Our strategy process begins with a tailored questionnaire that helps us get to know you better. We’ll send out a form with questions about your organization and creative goals, and ask you to have all key stakeholders and managers involved in the project fill it out individually. The questionnaire ensures everyone’s voice is heard and helps our team identify pain points, misalignments, and more.


Discovery Meeting

Once we’ve reviewed all of your questionnaire responses, our team will set up a discovery meeting with your team. Discovery meetings are typically recorded video calls that last 60 to 90 minutes. During the call, we’ll talk through the misalignments we identified, hear more about some of your specific answers, and ask any follow-up questions we may have. The discovery call helps ensure everyone is on the same page and our team has all the information we need to move forward on your project.


Research & Strategy

The next part of our process involves external research on our end. We’ll use the information we gathered from discovery to conduct in-depth research into what other businesses in your industry are doing. Our team will look at what those businesses are doing well, identify gaps we can fill, and determine how to separate ourselves from the competition. We can also tap into our data analytics team to look at current industry insights if needed.

Research & staregty

Positioning Document

The end deliverable we provide you with is a thorough and concise positioning document. The document will contain insights and a strategy to help you reach your specific goals. Each strategy is tailored to specific business needs, but these documents often include information on: Industries, Segments, Trends, Clients, Personas, User Journeys, Services & Offerings, Problems & Solutions, Business Values, Your Pillars & Promise, and Channel-Specific Goals


Your Strategic Specialist

Creative Director

Jordan Siefer

Jordan is our Creative Director. She joined Cypress North in March 2018 and works out of our Buffalo office. 

Jordan brings more than 13 years of experience to our agency and uses that expertise to lead our creative department. She works closely with clients, guiding them through processes to help define their brand and audience so the work we create accurately represents them and meets the needs of their target audience. Jordan also works internally with other departments to find collaborative solutions for clients. She oversees all graphic design, branding, strategy, and artistic efforts for clients and our agency.

Originally from Ohio, Jordan graduated from Alfred University’s School of Art and Design. After school, she moved to Buffalo full-time.

When she’s not at the office creating art for work, Jordan can be found drawing, painting, and enjoying all things art in her personal time as well. In addition to art, she likes sports and being outside. A born Buckeye fan, Jordan makes being from Ohio one of her personality traits. She also loves wearing overalls and drinking tea.