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UI/UX Design

Simply having a website isn’t enough for businesses to succeed anymore. If you want to reach your goals, you need to make an impression with a user-friendly website that caters to your target audience. If your website’s user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) need an upgrade, we can help – whether you want to modernize an existing site or create a new one from scratch.

Types of UI/UX Design

Marketing Website

Need a website that effectively brings in users through your marketing efforts? Whether your goal is to share your services and knowledge or gather information on your audience to build relationships, a marketing website is your key to doing so successfully. Our creative team will ensure your site follows best practices, reflects your brand, and offers a great user experience.


Ecommerce Website

Your Ecommerce site is your digital storefront, which means your UI/UX design is crucial. To promote sales and build trust, your Ecommerce site needs to offer a seamless user experience from start to finish. Our team can work with you to cater specifically to your audience and put you in the best position to succeed with best practices and modern trends.


Educational Websites & Learning Platforms

Sharing knowledge is a great way to build trust and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Having a site dedicated to providing that knowledge via classes, trainings, courses, infographics, and other educational material is even better. We can help you design a site specifically designed to be a learning platform that offers an easy-to-use interface and a straightforward way to share knowledge.



If you don’t need a full-blown website revamp, but are looking for a highly interactive way to grab a user’s attention, a microsite could be the solution for you. These sites are typically one page and designed to cater to a specific audience. Whether you’re looking to make an announcement or provide information on a new service or product, our creative team will help you design a fun, interactive microsite with a unique scrolling experience.


UI/UX Design Services

Is your current website outdated? Does it still reflect your brand? If you aren’t sure, or don’t know what you can do to improve your site, a website audit can help. We’ll take a deep dive into your site to examine the user experience, look and feel, conversion paths, mobile and desktop experience, accessibility, and more.

What's Included:

Comprehensive Audit Document

Want to offer a better website experience to your users? With the UI/UX design service, our creative team will get to know you and your audience to gain a better understanding of your needs. From there, we’ll design a new interface for your site with an upgraded user experience. This service includes just the creative work of designing the site, including a design brief, wireframes, and other files. This does not include work from development or marketing.

What's Included:

Strategy & Positioning Document, Site Map, Wireframes, & User Interface Designs

If you’re looking for a full web design project, including buildout and marketing, we have a service for that too! With a comprehensive website project, our team will work with you through every step of creating a new site – from the initial concept and strategy to design, development, and marketing. Our creative team will handle the positioning and design of your new site, while our tech team will handle the development. Our digital marketing team will also assist with content development and promoting your new site.

What's Included:

Strategy & Positioning Document, Sitemap & Siteplan, Wireframes, & User Interface Designs, Marketing Foundation, Development, & Content Loading

Your Graphic Design Expert

Creative Director

Jordan Siefer

Jordan is our Creative Director. She joined Cypress North in March 2018 and works out of our Buffalo office. 

Jordan brings more than 13 years of experience to our agency and uses that expertise to lead our creative department. She works closely with clients, guiding them through processes to help define their brand and audience so the work we create accurately represents them and meets the needs of their target audience. Jordan also works internally with other departments to find collaborative solutions for clients. She oversees all graphic design, branding, strategy, and artistic efforts for clients and our agency.

Originally from Ohio, Jordan graduated from Alfred University’s School of Art and Design. After school, she moved to Buffalo full-time.

When she’s not at the office creating art for work, Jordan can be found drawing, painting, and enjoying all things art in her personal time as well. In addition to art, she likes sports and being outside. A born Buckeye fan, Jordan makes being from Ohio one of her personality traits. She also loves wearing overalls and drinking tea.

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