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At Cypress North, we’re always experimenting and looking for more effective, efficient ways to help our clients reach their goals. When you work with us on paid search, you can trust that we’re always acting in your best interest and giving you our honest opinions about campaign types and ad platforms.
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We’re constantly looking for new ways to get you leads. Our team is made up of some of the most knowledgeable PPCers in the world who stay on top of the latest ad platform updates and capabilities. We know how different ad formats work and interact, and can work with you to develop a custom paid search strategy that we believe will work best for you.

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We know how important ad copy is when it comes to enticing clicks that lead to conversions – we don’t just plug keywords into ads and hope it works. When we write ad copy for our clients, it’s thought out and intentional. Each headline and description we write will reflect your organization’s tone and values, and speak to the audience you want to target. Keywords are used thoughtfully to get your ads in front of the right people, but don’t overpower the overall message we’re looking to convey.



Our PPC experts don’t just set and forget your campaigns. We’re constantly monitoring ad performance to identify what is and isn’t working. We’re in ad platforms all day, every day so we stay fully aware of what’s happening in our clients’ accounts. This ensures we can quickly identify any potential problems and make adjustments as needed to optimize campaigns.


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