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Greg Finn

Digital Marketer / Partner

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Greg has been managing internet marketing campaigns for more than a dozen years and is a certified Google AdWords partner. He is a contributing editor at the most popular search engine marketing website,, and sister site, Greg has been a featured speaker at some of the largest search engine conferences like Search Marketing Expo, SocialPro & Pubcon. He fearlessly leads the marketing team at Cypress North, helping to hit goals, drive revenue & keep clients satisfied.

Greg has also completed the Google Partners Specialist Challenge and has the following certifications:

  • AdWords Search certified
  • AdWords Mobile certified
  • AdWords Video certified
  • AdWords Display certified
  • AdWords Shopping certified

He is also the owner-man of sometimes-office dog Rogan, and proud dad to the notorious Finn Twins.

Areas of expertise

  • 1
    Organic Search
  • 2
    Content Marketing
  • 3
    Social Media Marketing
  • 4
    Paid Search

Known For

  • 1
    Adoption of Crash Diets
  • 2
    Podcast Consumption
  • 3
    Adoration of David Hasselhoff
  • 4
    Inability to Consume Food Slowly
  • 5
    The best Christmas card ever... EVERY YEAR
  • 6
    Loving Beans

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