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The data you've collected and stored can give you valuable actionable insights. Our team of analysts offers a variety of solutions to help uncover that key data and boost your business's performance.
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At Cypress North, we know business intelligence isn't a one-size-fits-all solution, and being able to interpret your data to gather actionable insights isn’t always as easy as it seems. That’s where we come in.

Our expert team will analyze your data, providing you with the key information you need to shift your efforts and yield the best results.

  • Data Analysis
  • Performance Reporting
  • AB/MV Testing

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Data Analysis

Analyzing the wealth data you've collected and stored is paramount for gaining actionable insights that can be used to boost your business's performance. Some common roadblocks  to  reaching these actionable insights include eliminating biases from your data, joining data sources for a complete look at user journeys, and even just having the internal capacity to analyze your data.

Whether you need a one-off deep dive into your advertising conversion data, or are looking to project next year's sales based on historical sales data, we’re here to help with all your data analysis needs.

Data - Extracted By Experts V2

Performance Reporting

From websites to advertising platforms, ongoing reporting is the key to maximizing performance and conversions. It's important to routinely monitor your website's performance to ensure the user experience is up-to-par and conversions aren't lagging in particular sections of the site, and to keep up with ever-changing user behavior trends. Analyzing your marketing campaign performance is the key to constantly maximizing cost and making sure you're not burning money on underperforming campaigns.

Whether you're looking for frequent monthly reporting to stay on top of your user trends, or can suffice with quarterly reports that give you a deep dive into the long-term performance of your various platforms, we’re here to support your efforts!

Data - Performance Reporting v3

A/B & MV

A/B and MV testing is the perfect way to experiment with more than one version of your website to see what performs best. This allows you to test and prove your data-driven decisions to ensure they'll have a positive impact on your business.

Have an existing platform you’d like us to work with? No problem! Need some help with transitioning to a new A/B testing platform after the recent Google Optimize sunset? Look no further. We’re an agency partner with VWO, the A/B testing platform Google recommends switching to from Optimize. Our analysts are expertly trained with the VWO platform and can help you make the switch.

Data - AB Testing

Business Intelligence Solutions

Whether you need an individual project or a complete end-to-end data solution, we've got your back!

Request a proposal to get started.

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How and when you analyze your data varies from business to business. Whether you're looking for broad quarterly website performance reporting, or granular monthly deep dives into your marketing campaign data, our team can dig  in and help you make sense of your wealth of data.


We'll meet with your team first to understand your business goals, what data you’re collecting and storing, and what you're looking to gain from it.

From there, our team can put together some recommendations for how you can achieve these goals. Whether that's granular bi-weekly reporting, ad-hoc reports throughout the year, broad quarterly performance reports, or just one-off deep dives into a specific set of data all depends on your business goals.


Once we have a plan in place to deliver actionable insights, we'll get to work analyzing your data and building out your custom reports!

Whether you have an existing A/B testing platform you need to run tests with, or want to dive into the world of A/B testing but don't know where to start, we're here to help!


We'll meet with your team to understand your business goals, find out your level of familiarity with A/B testing, and get caught up with any past or current platforms you've A/B tested with. From there, we'll put together a plan to either get our team set up with your existing A/B testing platform, or get your team set up with a new tool that works for you.


Once we have your goals and A/B testing platform all sorted out, we'll get to work!

Our analysts will gather insights and hypotheses for new testing opportunities, perform live A/B tests within the testing platform, analyze the data between the different versions, and implement changes to the site as needed!

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Head of Data

Jack Novorr