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Whether you're focused on SEO, PPC, social media, content, or affiliate marketing, podcasts are a great way to stay competitive in the dynamic digital marketing landscape. Finding a reliable program to consume from your car, desk, or treadmill allows you to get your dose of marketing news and insights without interrupting your daily routine.

But how can you be sure the podcast your tuning in to is worth your time? 

The Marketing O’Clock team is here to help! We’ve published a comprehensive list of the most informative, entertaining podcasts that will improve your day-to-day digital marketing efforts. 

When searching for podcasts that were going to make the cut, we looked at a wide range of criteria, including how often episodes were released, production quality, and of course, the content of the episodes. Here’s a list of the major factors we looked at when determining which podcasts had content worth tuning in to: 

  • Relevant- Although broken out into specific niches, every podcast on this list is focused on digital marketing and discusses trending topics that are of importance to real-life marketers.
  •  Factual- We would never tell you to listen to a podcast that gave bad advice or untruthful information. You can trust every show on this list to report on the facts. 
  • From a trusted source: Many of the productions are backed by leading marketing products, publications, or agencies. The podcasts on our list are also hosted by some of the most seasoned & influential SEO and PPC experts, and listening will help you stay ahead of industry trends so you can remain competitive. 
  • Entertaining: This may be more of personal preference, but the podcasts that made us laugh stood out most of all. The world of digital marketing is always evolving and becomes more competitive every day, but that doesn’t mean this industry can’t be fun! We searched high and low for podcasts that were as entertaining as they were informative. 

What did you think of our list of the 47 best digital marketing podcasts? Let us know in the comments if you have other recommendations for great content!


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Meet the Author

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Christine Zirnheld

Christine is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager who joined Cypress North in July 2018 and works in our Buffalo office. Known affectionately among coworkers (and podcast listeners) as Shep, Christine brings seven years of experience to our digital marketing team. She spends most of her time trying to help her clients uncover new leads through the art of paid search and is also a co-host of our weekly Marketing O’Clock podcast

Originally from Ashburn, Virginia, Christine graduated from Canisius University with a bachelor's degree in marketing. She also has an associate's degree in fashion business management from the Fashion Institute of Technology. 

Christine is known for her PPC expertise and was recognized by PPC Hero in 2021 as one of their Rising Stars in PPC. In addition to being published in Search Engine Journal and Search Engine Land, she authored an ultimate playbook for Google Ads. Christine was also featured as a speaker at SMX Next - a search marketing training program - in 2022. 

When she’s not working, Christine can be found singing karaoke or watching Miss Rachel with her toddler, watching Bravo, dining al fresco, and drinking Diet Coke. She’s known for making her Taylor Swift fandom her personality, talking about the royal family to any of her coworkers who will listen, and reading books about wives who kill their husbands. Christine was the 2002 Hula Hoop Champion at Ashburn Elementary School – and may still be undefeated.