Packrats, Playoffs & Plenty Of Flowers: May Content Marketing Inspiration

By Jess Budde

Hey you! Did you know that in just one day...

it's gonna be may

Boy I love that gif. It's been a pretty popular one around our office this week, you know, since it's the best way to ring in the month of May and all. And it's also a really nice touch today since it's got a bit of nostalgia to it (and it's Throwback Thursday today). Anyway, I know you're really anxious to get to the list of all the happenings this coming month, so I won't sit up here and talk at you much longer. "GET ON WITH THE CONTENT MARKETING IDEAS," yells the crowd. "OK FINE" says JBuude, and throws more gifs at them to please the masses...

learn to swim


  • May 1: Mother Goose Day, Batman Day, School Principals' Day, Executive Coaching Day, Lei Day, No Pants Day, International Tuba Day, New Home Owners Day, May Day
  • May 2: Join Hands Day, Free Comic Book Day, Baby Day
  • May 3: Lumpy Rug Day, Paranormal Day,  Two Different Colored Shoes Day, Garden Meditation Day
  • May 4: Firefighters Day, Star Wars Day, Petite & Proud Day
  • May 5: ¡Cinco De Mayo!, Ferret Day, Cartoonists Day, World Asthma Day, Oyster Day 
  • May 6: No Diet Day, School Nurse Day, No Homework Day
  • May 7: Roast Leg Of Lamb Day
  • May 8: No Socks Day, Iris Day, Free Trade Day, Military Spouse Appreciation Day
  • May 9: Train Day, Fair Trade Day, Lost Sock Memorial Day, Moscato Day
  • May 10: Mother’s Day, Mother Ocean Day, World Lupus Day, Windmill Day, Stay Up All Night Night
  • May 11: Eat What You Want Day, Twilight Zone Day
  • May 12: Nutty Fudge Day, Limerick Day, Odometer Day, International Nurses Day
  • May 13: Donate A Day's Wages To Charity Day, Third Shift Workers' Day, Top Gun Day, Frog Jumping Day, Leprechaun Day, Receptionists Day
  • May 14: Golf Day, Chicken Dance Day
  • May 15: Chocolate Chip Day, Endangered Species Day, Pizza Party Day, Bike To Work Day, Nylon Stockings Day, Straw Hat Day
  • May 16: Learn To Swim Day, Virtual Assistants Day, World Whiskey Day, Sea Monkey Day, Biographers’ Day
  • May 17: Pack Rat Day, World Telecommunications Day, World Hypertension Day, World Baking Day
  • May 18: No Dirty Dishes Day, Visit Your Relatives Day, International Museum Day
  • May 19: Accounting Day, May Ray Day
  • May 20: Pick Strawberries Day, Weights & Measures Day, Be A Millionaire Day
  • May 21: One Day Without Shoes Day, Rapture Party Day, I Need A Patch For That Day
  • May 22: Goth Day, Maritime Day, Harvey Milk Day, Don’t Fry Day
  • May 23: Title Track Day, Turtle Day
  • May 24: National Escargot Day, Brothers Day, Tiara Day
  • May 25: Memorial Day, Towel Day, Tap Dance Day
  • May 26: World Lindy Hop Day, Blueberry Cheesecake Day
  • May 27: Cellophane Tape Day, Senior Health & Fitness Day, Sunscreen Day
  • May 28: Amnesty International Day, Hamburger Day
  • May 29: Put A Pillow On Your Fridge Day, Learn About Composting Day, Biscuit Day
  • May 30: Loomis Day, Mint Julep Day, Water A Flower Day, Neighbor Day
  • May 31: No Tobacco Day, Save Your Hearing Day, Macaroon Day




  • Everything is in bloom: Remember all those April showers we've been having? Well, it's time for the fun part now; May flowers!
  • The entire month of May officially celebrating: Lyme Disease awareness, clean air, inventors, toddler immunization, barbecuing, older Americans, salad, bikes, getting caught reading, pet cancer awareness, women's health care, vidalia onions, drums, Asian American & Pacific Islander heritage, photos, foster care, Tourettes Syndrome awareness, potatoes, Arthritis awareness, tennis, service dog eye examination, Jewish-American heritage, smiling, ALS awareness, sports & physical fitness, limes, youth traffic safety, prevention of Osteoporosis, social security education, salsa, home schooling awareness, vinegar, Haitian heritage, American wetlands, and hamburgers
  • During the first week, you can shout that it's: Kids Win Week, Be Kind To Animals Week, Drinking Water Week, Nurses' Week,  National Small Business Week, Goodwill Industries Week, National Hug Week, Correctional Officers' Week, Children's Mental Health Week, National Alcohol & Drug Related Birth Defects Awareness Week, National Anxiety & Depression Awareness Week, Choose Privacy Week, National Hospital Week, National Raisin Week, and Dating & Life Coach Recognition Week
  • The second week of May is: Universal Family Week, Neuropathy Awareness Week, Wildflower Week, National Women's Health Week, National Nursing Home Week, Salvation Army Week, Bike To Work Week, American Craft Beer Week, Children's Book Week, Food Allergy Awareness Week, Transportation Week, National Etiquette Week, Reading Is Fun Week
  • Week three is all about: EMS Week,  National Dog Bite Prevention Week, National Police Week, International Coaching Week, National Safe Boating Week, World Trade Week, New Friends Old Friends Week, National Backyard Games, Stationary Week
  • The fourth week of May celebrates: National Tire Safety Week, Hurricane Preparedness Week, Black Single Parents Week, Week of Solidarity With The People of Non-Self-Governing Territories


kentucky derby


  • May 2: 2015 Kentucky Derby
  • May 24: Indy 500
  • Ongoing throughout the month: NHL & NBA Playoffs


country music fest

Pop Culture

  • May 2: iHeartRadio Country 2015 (Austin, TX) - featuring acts such as Brad Paisley, Tim McGraw, and more, y'all
  • May 3: Penny Dreadful premieres on Showtime
  • May 15: Mad Max: Fury Road hits the silver screen
  • May 17: Mad Men SERIES (not season, people, series, it's over) finale airs on AMC
  • May 23-24: Electric Daisy Carnival (East Rutherford, NJ) - get in on some action with Afrojack, Krewella, DJ Snake, MC Dino, the beat goes on and on and on...
  • May 27: 
  • May 30: 


In the words of Porky Pig, that's all folks! At least that's it for now. If you love content marketing, come back next month for more!

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By Jess Budde


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