Bubble Wrap, Bubble Baths & Belly Laughs: Content Marketing In January Fashion

By Jess Budde

The new year is fast approaching, and you know what that means... a brand new content marketing strategy for 2015! As you've likely gathered, we love nothing more than inspiring you to make great content. Baby New Year comes complete with holidays and happenings from the insanely obscure (Answer Your Cat's Questions Day) to the totally traditional (Golden Globe Awards, anyone?). So before you ring in 2015, why not take a few minutes to plan out your first editorial pieces for January? When you return to the grind after the holiday break, you'll be glad you planned ahead.


  • January 1: New Year's Day, Commitment Day, Polar Bear Swim Day, Z Day, Bloody Mary Day, Copyright Law Day, Euro Day
  • January 2: Happy Mew Year Day For Cats, Science Fiction Day, Cream Puff Day, Personal Trainer Awareness Day, 55-MPH Speed Limit Day, Buffet Day, Motivation & Inspiration Day
  • January 3: Fruitcake Toss Day, Chocolate Covered Cherry Day, Drinking Straw Day
  • January 4: Trivia Day, World Braille Day, Spaghetti Day, Pop Music Chart Day, Hypnotism Day
  • January 5: Whipped Cream Day, Bird Day
  • January 6: Shortbread Day, Apple Tree Day, Three Kings Day, Bean Day, Cuddle Up Day
  • January 7:  I'm Not Going To Take It Anymore Day, Tempura Day, Old Rock Day
  • January 8: Joy Germ Day, Bubble Bath Day, Show & Tell At Work Day, Argyle Day, Earth's Rotation Day
  • January 9: Static Electricity Day, Apricot Day, Play God Day
  • January 10: Houseplant Appreciation Day, Bittersweet Chocolate Day, Peculiar People Day, Cut Your Energy Costs Day
  • January 11: Learn Your Name In Morse Code Day, Milk Day, Step In A Puddle & Splash Your Friends Day
  • January 12: Pharmacist Day, Clean Off Your Desk Day, Marzipan Day
  • January 13: Skeptics Day, Rubber Ducky Day, Poetry At Work Day, Peach Melba Day
  • January 14: Hot Pastrami Day, Dress Up Your Pet Day, Organize Your Home Day
  • January 15: Strawberry Ice Cream Day, Hat Day
  • January 16: International Hot & Spicy Food Day, Appreciate A Dragon Day, Nothing Day
  • January 17: Cable Car Day, Kid Inventors' Day, Ditch New Year's Resolutions Day
  • January 18: Thesaurus Day, Winnie The Pooh Day
  • January 19: Martin Luther King Day, Popcorn Day, Tin Can Day
  • January 20: Camcorder Day, Day Of Acceptance, Buttercrunch Day, Disc Jockey Day, Cheese Lovers' Day, Penguin Awareness Day
  • January 21: Squirrel Appreciation Day, Granola Bar Day, Hugging Day
  • January 22: Women's Healthy Weight Day, Answer Your Cat's Questions Day, Celebration Of Life Day
  • January 23: Pie Day, Measure Your Feet Day, Handwriting Day
  • January 24: Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day, Belly Laugh Day, Beer Can Appreciation Day, Peanut Butter Day, Talk Like A Grizzled Prospector Day
  • January 25: A Room Of One's Own Day, Irish Coffee Day, Opposite Day
  • January 26: Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, Spouse's Day, Peanut Brittle Day
  • January 27: Chocolate Cake Day
  • January 28: Data Privacy Day, Blueberry Pancake Day
  • January 29: Cornchip Day, Curmudgeons Day, Puzzle Day, Freethinkers Day
  • January 30: International Fun At Work Day, Croissant Day, Inane Answering Message Day
  • January 31: Seed Swap Day, Backward Day, Gorilla Suit Day, Inspire Your Heart With Art Day


  • January has been dubbed the month of: self-love, bath safety, glaucoma awareness, unchaining dogs, walking dogs, training dogs, being kind to food servers, stalking awareness, mentoring, blood donors, careers in cosmetology, eye health, prune breakfast, hot tea, hobbies, financial wellness, polka music, creativity, self-defense, birth defects prevention, thyroid disease awareness, adopting rescued birds, oatmeal, braille literacy, stalking awareness, focusing on fiber, brain teasers, cervical cancer screening, mental wellness, radon action, getting organized, and soup
  • The first week of January celebrates: New Year's Resolutions Week, Someday We'll Laugh About This Week, Celebration Of Life Week, Diet Resolution Week, Folic Acid Awareness Week, Home Office Safety/Security Week
  • Week two is dedicated to: Soccer Coaches Of America Week, Letter Writing Week, National Vacation Awareness Week, and Cuckoo Dancing Week
  • January's third week is all about: National Fresh Squeezed Juice Week, Bald Eagle Appreciation Days, National Activity Professionals Week,  Healthy Weight Week, No Name Calling Week, Sugar Awareness Week, International Snowmobile Safety Week
  • The final week is the time for: National Snow Sculpting Week, Cowboy Poetry Gathering Week, World Leprosy Week, Clean Out Your Inbox Week, Meat Week


  • January 1: NHL Winter Classic
  • January 3: NFL Playoffs begin
  • January 19-February 1: Australian Open
  • January 21: Pro Bowl Draft
  • January 22-25: Winter X Games
  • January 25: Pro Bowl

Pop Culture

  • January 4: Downton Abbey returns (PBS)
  • January 6-11: Jam Cruise (Miami, FL) - cruise around to the sounds of Umphrey's McGee, Lettuce, Galactic, and more
  • January 11: The Golden Globe Awards
  • January 15: Academy Award nominations announced
  • January 16: Paddington (the bear!) hits theaters
  • January 16-18: 30A Songwriters Festival (Santa Rosa Beach, FL) - the lineup includes Indigo Girls, Glen Phillips (of Toad the Wet Sprocket fame), and so many others I can't even count them
  • January 22-26: 70,000 Tons of Metal (Miami, FL) - bang your head to the musical stylings of Primal Fear, Chimaira, Apocalyptica, and then some
  • January 22-February 1: Sundance Film Festival
  • January 25: SAG Awards

So there. All the content marketing ideas you need to kick 2015 off right. From our computers to yours - Happy New Year, kiddos!

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By Jess Budde


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