Help me make my site secure

Just $250

Effective July 2018, Google will start displaying a “Not secure” warning on any site which is not fully transitioned to HTTPS in the Chrome web browser.



To prevent this, your website will need an SSL Certificate and all of your site’s pages, images, videos, and other assets will need to be transitioned to HTTPS. In addition, there are recommended updates that need to be made to your Google Analytics account and Google Search Console.

The proper handling of this transition is important!

Cypress North is offering a flat rate package to properly take your site secure.

For $250 this includes:

  • A LetsEncrypt SSL certificate (renews free forever)
  • Site and asset conversion to HTTPS
  • Proper redirection of HTTP -> HTTPS for your entire site
  • Google Analytics update (if applicable)
  • Google Search Console update (if applicable)


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